The Mega Dads 50 Best Games of All Time: 20-11

week fourThe Top 20. This is where we bring out the big guns. Zelda, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy. These are the defining games of our lifetime. Some of the games you’ll find on this list are critically acclaimed classics, some are sentimental favorites that the two of us fell in love with more than the average gamer. Either way, the games on this list are amazing and if you haven’t played them, definitely worth your time.

week4-01Metal Gear Solid

In a time when the industry was exploring the cinematic approach to game presentation Metal Gear Solid released and stunned gamers with its summer blockbuster feel. Playing the first moments of Snake’s mission through the opening credit roll, a pulse-pounding soundtrack, dynamic action-heavy cutscenes and hallmark voice-acting (for the time) are but some of the things that made MGS the benchmark for cinematic games. Snake’s first PlayStation outing still stands head and shoulders above its sequels for its superior story, innovation, pacing and unforgettable characters. We also give it credit for dipping its toe into the bizarre without plunging headfirst into absurdity as the later installments of the series did.  -Adam

week4-02Portal 2

Pure genius. Portal 2 is probably the smartest game I’ve ever played from the puzzles to the pitch perfect comedy writing. The story of a cold, calculating, murderous AI/potato is fascinating from start to finish and the gameplay is of equal quality. Not only did Valve manage to flesh out the world of Aperture Science in hilariously unexpected ways, but they expanded the game mechanics substantially over its predecessor, which gave this surprisingly long adventure real staying power. Add on top of that a brilliant separate co-op campaign and it’s clear why Portal 2 is so high on our list. –Adam

week4-03Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing launched for the GameCube in 2001 and instantly became one of the most charming franchises in Nintendo’s stable thanks to it lovable gibberish talking cast of cuddly critters. While this series has becoming notorious for offering so few improvements per sequel, the first in the series was actually quite innovate by offering unique mechanics like real-time calendar events and day/night cycle as well as having amazing features that have since left the series such as ROMs for classic Nintendo games which were fully playable through your characters game console. Animal Crossing is a wonderful time and we recognize it on our list as we await its impending announcement for Switch. -Adam

week4-04Goldeneye 007

I don’t know if there’s a game on this list that I’ve put more hours into than Goldeneye 007. It was split screen multiplayer at its finest and I can still remember every nook and cranny of classic maps like Facility, Archives and Complex (and the hilarity of proximity mine only matches). Getting 3 friends huddled together on the couch for some Goldeneye deathmatch was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a shooter. Also, as brilliant as the multiplayer was, the campaign was also great with well designed levels and objectives that changed depending on the difficulty level. It was one of the best games on the N64 and proved that first person shooters could be great on consoles. -John

week4-05Shadow of the Colossus

A timeless and tragic fairy tale, Shadow of the Colossus is one of those stories that is so powerful because of the medium that hosts it. Much like Journey, it is the player’s hand guiding this story that makes it so impactful. With each colossi you slay, and the further you move towards your destiny it becomes apparent that your fate is unavoidable. This, in addition to the melancholy death of each giant, makes you feel each strike of your sword as you progress towards the thrilling and poignant conclusion of this tale. Shadow of the Colossus is a breathtaking and heartbreaking tale every gamer should experience. -Adam

week4-06Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The final chapter of Nathan Drake’s saga, this masterpiece of a game keeps all the thrills and white-knuckle set piece moments from the series past and pumps new life into the Uncharted formula by creating an unexpectedly deep and meaningful drama. The team at Naughty Dog crafted the perfect finale for Drake and his crew by examining just what it means to finally say goodbye and to let go. Every explosion and harrowing escape is met in equal measure by the importance of family and friends. In the end Drake finds the ultimate treasure and for the Mega Dads, the finale couldn’t have hit any closer to home. -Adam

week4-07Life is Strange

Some games you can predict will be masterpieces, others come out of nowhere and completely take you by surprise. The story of Max and Chloe is filled with a compelling mystery, great supporting characters, an awesome soundtrack, and a fun game mechanic that allows you to rewind time to try and change how events play out or undo mistakes. What really cements this game as a classic though is the relationship between the two girls. It’s believable, emotional, and leaves you with a choice at the end of the game that left me in tears and I still think about all the time.  -John

week4-08Red Dead Redemption

There is no such thing as a perfect game, but Red Dead Redemption comes awfully damn close to pulling it off. A stunning open world, an iconic soundtrack, rock solid gameplay and a gripping story filled with unforgettable characters. The story of John Marston and his attempt to leave his troubled past behind him is one of my favorite stories ever told in gaming… or any medium for that matter. It’s a world I never wanted to leave, but when it did finally come to anend it did so with arguably the best video game ending of all time. -John

week4-09The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

The stylish and beautifully rendered world of Wind Waker makes it easy to love. Nintendo infused more charm into this chapter of the Zelda saga than any other in the series. From the outset you are met with hilarious characters, bright and beautiful landscapes and a whimsical soundtrack that carries you along. But beyond the visuals, this Zelda has my favorite narrative of the series. In a bold move, Nintendo draws a direct line to previous games in the series and gives Ganon undoubtedly his greatest and most compelling outing. The final showdown also stands as the best in the series and among my favorite boss battles in all of gaming. -Adam

week4-10Final Fantasy VII

One of the most iconic games amongst veteran gamers. If you were gaming in the 90’s then chances are you’ve played Final Fantasy VII. A stark departure from series conventions, FFVII took the player to a dazzling steampunk future where swords and horses were traded in for machine guns and motorcycles. While the setting took many series veterans by surprise, the jaw dropping story was classic Square. Final Fantasy VII took us to so many places we never thought we’d go in a game, from cross-dressing to infiltrate a brothel, to a casino city floating high in the sky, to the core of the planet itself. The mechanics were outstanding as well with Limit Breaks, the Materia System and even a bevy of mini games. It is easy to see why Final Fantasy VII still lives in the hearts of so many gamers. -Adam

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