The Mega Dads 50 Best Games of All Time: 10-1

week five

Choosing your favorite games of all time is no small task. We love different games for different reasons, and trying to meld those feelings into one cohesive list has been a challenge. I think our Top 50 is a great representation of our combined 60+ years of gaming experience. It has featured all of the big hitters that you would expect like Mario, Zelda, Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy, but we’re particularly proud of those games on the list that are special to us for very personal reasons. Games like Shenmue, Night in the Woods and Firewatch.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list, and especially sharing and discussing it with us and others. After all, that’s why we created Mega Dads, to have a place to discuss the things that we love with friends like you. Thanks you for being a part of it, and we hope you enjoy our final installment with our Top 10 Games of All Time.


Rock Band 3

If you want to talk about pure, unadulterated fun, no game on this entire list provided more of it than Rock Band. When we played Rock Band, we put on a show. The volume cranked to 11, the booze flowing freely, the smoke & light machines setting the mood, they were epic nights that would go until the wee hours of the morning. We would obsess over the smallest of details in that game from the in-game costumes and tattoos to our band logo. From Adam’s thundering drums on Run to the Hills or my blistering guitar solo on Green Grass and High Tides, that game provided achingly difficult challenges (especially after several shots) and countless amazing memories that we’ll never forget.  -John

week5-02Left 4 Dead 2

I’m not the biggest player of online multiplayer games, but Valve’s co-op masterpiece had that special something that had both Adam and I (and our wives) obsessed for months on end, getting together almost every single weekend to spend hours in the zombie apocalypse. The game is brilliantly designed to encourage you to stick together, your survival dependant on your ability to work as a team. And the AI Director changes the game on the fly, ensuring that every time you play you’ll never know what’s around the next corner. Tons of interesting levels, plenty of unique weapons, and a fun & diverse set of characters all helped to make this the best co-op game I’ve ever played.  -John

week5-03Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is where the series began an evolution that all Mario games, whether 2D or 3D seemed to draw from. From mini game pitstops, to Koopa piloted airships, to a power-up catalog that dwarfed offerings from the previous entries (and many after), Super Mario Bros. 3 was a leap forward in Nintendo’s dominance in the platformer space. Much of Mario’s current identity in gaming can be traced back to this installment and it was very evident at the time that this game was special. Super Mario Bros. 3 also enjoys the privilege of arriving in such a time where the mechanics, music and visuals have a timeless charm that makes this game just as fun to play today as when I first played as a ten year old boy.  -Adam

week5-04Final Fantasy VI

The king of JRPGs, Final Fantasy VI is an absolute beast of a game. With an epic tale that has never been rivaled in the RPG space, this game cemented my love for the genre and ignited much of my young creativity that made me the artist that I am today. The 14 playable characters all spoke to me, and did so alongside the greatest original score I have ever heard in a game. All of this is married with beautiful sprite-work that shines today. Final Fantasy VI has so many wonderfully memorable moments such as the Opera House, The Phantom Train, and the Calamity from the Floating Continent. This game will always hold a place in my heart for so many reasons, and it so deservedly belongs here in the Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time  -Adam

week5-05Super Mario 64

These days we’re used to incremental changes when a new console generation comes along, but when I played Super Mario 64 I knew that it would completely change the way that we played games forever. No experience I’ve ever had with a game has been as jaw dropping as the first time I ran around that castle courtyard. The game was more than just a technological revolution though, it was also a brilliantly designed platformer. Fantastic level design, fun enemies, polished controls, and an unforgettable soundtrack combine to make this classic a game that not only changed Mario forever, but all of gaming.  -John

week5-06The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda is a series that I’ve loved for a really long time, and this SNES masterpiece was the entry that first hooked me. It’s a simple, but well told story. Link must obtain the Master Sword and stop a plan to release the imprisoned dark wizard,  Ganon. A wonderfully designed world that features paralel Light and Dark Worlds and is brought to life with gorgeous 16 Bit graphics. And gameplay that is for all intents and purposes… perfect. It’s a game that is timeless, as you could pick it up now (over 25 after it was first released) and it’s just as captivating as ever, no matter how many times you’ve previously completed it.  -John

week5-07Super Mario World

If Super Mario Bros. 3 was the pinnacle of platforming action on the NES, Super Mario World introduced the next generation of platforming on the Super Nintendo. The power of the SNES brought the world of Mario to life like never before with bright, colorful graphics that impress even today. The addition of power ups like the Cape Feather add new mechanics to the already near perfect formula, but the biggest innovation was the introduction of Mario’s prehistoric partner, Yoshi. Super Mario World was platforming at it’s finest and the crown jewel of the 16-bit era.  -John

week5-08The Last of Us

No other game on this list is as powerful as The Last of Us. Seldom few games can speak to the human condition as this tragic tale of loss, despair and the desperate need to find yourself in others. As Joel and Ellie travel from one desolate location to the next in search of humanity’s last hope, it becomes painfully clear that the only salvation they will find is in each other. The Last of Us is a beautiful piece of interactive fiction that will challenge you in ways that you will never see coming. Through every bloody battle, every life you take in preservation of your own, the player surrenders to the reality of this world. There is nothing of greater importance than protecting those you love.  -Adam

week5-09Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is a horrifically poetic tale of a man’s journey through grief and guilt. While it is easy to take a game of this genre and view it through the lens of it being just another horror adventure, there are more layers to this experience than there are levels of hell. This is a game to experience with your eyes and mind wide open as every moment means two things and everything you see is placed there with purpose. And while the beauty of Silent Hill 2 is how much there is to find and reveal, the true artistry behind this game is that the best moments are never explicitly shown or told to you the player. James’ frightening, twisted and dark journey to find his dead wife in the heart of the haunted town of Silent Hill is the most compelling game I have ever played, and once you find what you’re looking for the ending will absolutely take your breath away.  -Adam

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


No game I’ve ever played has created a world so gorgeous and so brilliantly designed that I would spend hours on end just wandering the countryside exploring. Never knowing what village or shrine you might come across around the next bend kept me coming back for over 100 hours by the time the credits rolled. A story that was beautifully and simply told and gameplay that fundamentally changed how we thought of The Legend of Zelda created an unexpected masterpiece that is simply the greatest gaming experience I’ve ever had.  -John

Breath of the Wild is all about immersion. Whether you are following the hero’s path or looking under every rock for secrets, this adventure is unparalleled in the charm of it’s living, breathing world. As come to be expected by Nintendo, the artistic direction in this game is so captivating. Each character, town and enemy is rendered like a fairy-tale come to life. The soundtrack is also ingenious allowing the player to truly breathe in this world with simple melodies and a single piano gently playing to compliment your journey, not overpower it with song. Breath of the Wild is true artistry. Nintendo has found the near perfect formula by breaking the rules and giving the player true freedom. You are the hero and this is your legend to make.   -Adam

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  1. That was a great read, and also a really well put together list. It surprises and delights me that a Rock Band game made it on there. I played it a lot growing up- it’s super fun and nostalgic.
    And of course, you can’t go wrong with Mario and Zelda!
    Keep up the good work! ^^

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