Gamer Spotlight: Matthew Rondina


Matthew Rondina

Host on ‘Xbox All For One’ & ‘Heads Up Daily’, Writer at Cineplex World Gaming

The name Matthew Rondina may not be immediately recognizable to a lot of gamers, but you may know this industry veteran by his alias, Dapper Tux. Matthew has been covering the video games and tech industry for years and contributes to a variety of media outlets. He appears regularly on the Xbox Canada series ‘Xbox All For One‘ as well as Super Channel’s ‘Heads Up Daily‘ where he brings you the latest gaming news and coverage. He is also a writer for Cineplex World Gaming where he covers eSports and pro gaming.

What is the first video game that you remember playing?

“I can’t recall the name of the game, but I remember the time and place like it was yesterday. I must have been only 4 or 5 and my family was at our local convenience store and that is where I played my first arcade game. They had a few dusty machines in the back of the store and my dad was lifting me up to the arcade controls so I could play. I just remember continually feeding the machine quarters and wanting to play more and more, I was instantly hooked. The idea that I could control a character on screen pulled me in and I’ve been at it ever since.”


3What are your favorite games of all time?

“Always a tough question to answer! So many great games out there, and I always forget to mention one or two. For me it’s all about the story and the single player experience, I love dropping into a world and getting submerged in it’s lore and characters.

Here are my top ten in no particular order, they really changed the way I look at the medium:

Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Halo: Combat Evolved, Splinter Cell, Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.”

Which hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy besides gaming?

“My favorite hobbies and pastimes are the ones I can include my son in, they are so much more fun! Seeing the world through his eyes is incredible, it gives me a new perspective on things.

We love to travel, the family has so many great experiences to look back on – I think it’s giving Dapper Jr. a very positive outlook on the world, which is so important.

Back home in Toronto we explore the city, have culinary adventures, take in concerts and other events. We are also a big sports family so whether it’s hockey, baseball or football Dapper Jr. and I are always up to something that keeps us moving.”

Do you and your children play video games together?

“We play together often, it’s a ton of fun and he really picks up the point of games quickly. Our favorites are racing games like the Forza Horizon series (especially the Hot Wheels DLC!) and EA’s NHL games. Once he’s a lot older I can’t wait to replay some of my all time favorite games with him and relive them together. My list above gives us an excellent place to start, but we’re going to need to wait a long time for those mature games.”


How do you make time for gaming with a busy family life and career?

“I always joke with people that I’m living 4 different lives, I love it, but it can be challenging to find a good balance. Family always comes first, and I’m lucky to have such a supportive one that always encourages me to pursue my passion for everything gaming related.

Playing games with Dapper Jr. is my favorite time, we get to share an interest and have fun together. It’s always a great, and the random things he says or remembers about a game totally shocks me!

It’s amazing that gaming is becoming a shared hobby that we can talk about and have fun with even when the console is off. He attends gaming events in Toronto with me and we frequent comic and game shops all over the city.”

What is your proudest moment as a parent?

“Seeing my son grow everyday leaves my wife and I very proud of the little man he is becoming. Everywhere he goes he makes a new friend, or is tries to include someone, it’s amazing to watch him change and grow. Whenever he does something polite or caring for someone, I well with pride as a parent, he’s our little hero!”

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