In the 90’s: Yearbook

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that we all looked amazing in the nineties. We had great hair, awesome and trendy clothes, and nobody went through an awkward phase. It’s with that in mind that we here at Mega Dads present the Mega Dads in the nineties Yearbook! We called on you, our awesome community, to send us your very best/worst photo of you in your prime and you guys came through in a big way. Thank you all who participated and to those of you who are just here to gawk at our good looks you can sign the yearbook by leaving comments below!

Party on, dudes!

90s wahl-01
John Wahl (Mega Dad)
90s leonhardt-01
Adam Leonhardt (Mega Dad)
90s aulph-01
Tim Aulph
90s bryant-01
Jason Bryant
90s choate-01
Holly Choate
90s churney-01
Melanie Churney
90s knight-01
Matt Knight
90s Lacy-01
Jason Lacy
actual 90s lacy-01
The Real Jason Lacy
90s Serge-01
Grrouchie Serge
90s waldack-01
Jesse Waldack (Eric)

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