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This year we will be celebrating the 6th anniversary of Mega Dads. A lot has changed in those years, both in terms of our personal lives and with regard to the content we create. Some things like Mega Dads Live and Gamer Spotlight have proven to be big hits and our most popular features, while others like Mega Dads Book Club or Bonus Level failed to catch on and fell by the wayside. But even though not all of our ideas pan out, we’re committed to trying new things, stretching the limits of our creativity, and being ambitious with our goals and aspirations. We have all sorts of plans for the year 2020. We’ll see the return of some popular series, the introduction of some new (hopefully) favorites, and we’ll be expanding in some fun and exciting ways.

With that said, we’d like to lay out for you some of the plans that we have for the coming year. We’re excited about the ideas that we have for the future and we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the things that we create and give us feedback on what you think works, and what maybe doesn’t. We’ve always thought of Mega Dads as a collaborative effort with our friends and followers, and we hope to see this community continue to grow and thrive in the coming year. As always, thank you so much for continuing to be such an amazing community and for making all of the hard work worthwhile. Happy New Year!

-Adam & John

New Contributors

We’ve realized lately that we have more opportunities for game coverage than we could possibly have time for. There are also views and perspectives on gaming and parenthood that differ from our own that we would like to cover. That’s why for the first time in over 5 years of Mega Dads we’re excited to be bringing 3 new faces on board to create content for the website. We’re proud to welcome Nick Edwards, Jonny Casino, and Antonio Guillen on board to help take Mega Dads to new heights! For many of you in the Mega Dads community, these are familiar names and faces who have been creating fun and exciting content in the video game space for years, for the rest of you, we hope that you enjoy getting to know them and check out their profiles in the ‘About Us’ section of the website. The new class of Mega Dads are here and we’re so happy to expand this team so we can continue to show you what happens when Gamer Life meets Real Life.

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Small Talk: Limited Series Podcast

After more than a year as a regular monthly segment on Mega Dads Live, we are broadening Small Talk to its own limited-run podcast! Each episode will be 30 minutes of Adam and John’s children discussing a new topic of the week! Listen in as the kids discuss everything from “What does the Tooth Fairy do with all of those teeth?” to “What’s the point of pennies?”. You’ll laugh along with the kids as they provide a different perspective on podcasting and life. Small Talk is a kids rated podcast. No Earmuffs required.


The Mega 5

Over the last 2 years, we have created Top 50 lists that the community has both enjoyed and enjoyed to argue with us about. Well, what better way to keep the conversation going than with MORE LISTS! The Mega Five will be a bi-weekly written feature where the Mega Dads will take a different gaming topic and give you their opinions on the top 5 choices in the respective categories. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with the community on our video game preferences and we hope you weigh in on your own rankings for these fun categories. A perfect conversation starter, The Mega 5 will begin this Spring.

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2nd Annual Community Meet-up

Last year we arranged a Community Meet-up centered around the fifth anniversary of Mega Dads at the Dave & Busters in Maple Grove, MN. We have decided to make this an annual tradition and will once again be going into the community to have a game night with our audience. The date and location is currently being organized but we know for a fact we are legally banned from the McDonald’s Play Place, so that’s out. Stay tuned for details and get ready to party with the Mega Dads!

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Sketch/Play: Season Two

This Summer Sketch/Play returns with 6 all-new episodes. Join Adam as he recounts some of the games that have inspired him the most as an artist and watch as he creates illustrations in real-time inspired by these games. The first season of Sketch/Play was a great success and we have even bigger plans in store for season two. Also just like before, members of Mega Dads Plus will see every episode FIRST and also receive their own digital copy of the finished artwork created in every episode of Sketch/Play.

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2D CON – Remastered LIVE SHOW

Once again the Mega Dads will be performing a LIVE show in front of a convention audience at 2D Cone – Remastered. The convention will be August 28 – 30th in Minneapolis and the Mega Dads will be there in person the whole weekend. Make a trip of it and come hang out with us as we play games, podcast and sell our original artwork and merchandise. This will be our fifth year as guests at 2D Con and we are going to make this our best live show ever. More details can be found on the official 2D Con website.

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Report Card

The Mega Dads will now be regularly writing reviews for the games we are completing. We’ve done this a touch in the past here and there, but now Report Card will become a regular addition to the Mega Dads lineup of content. Each review will feature an essay and also a score in the five-star format. Our Report Card reviews will also include an audio format that will drop in your Mega Dads Live podcast feed. Report Card podcasts will typically be five minute, easy to consume bites for those who do not have time to read the review on the website. Our first Report Card will be on Death Stranding and it will be available tomorrow morning.


When I Was Your Age: Limited Series Podcast

Gaming these days is more technologically advanced than we could ever have imagined while we were growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s. Gone are the days of blowing in cartridges, collecting piles of memory cards, and lining up quarters on the Street Fighter II cabinet at the local arcade. In this new limited podcast series debuting in late 2020, we’ll discuss how gaming has changed. Discussing the trends and tech that we miss from the good old days and those that we are grateful to have left behind.

Again, thank you so much to all of you for following and supporting Mega Dads throughout the years. We’re hoping to take Mega Dads to the next level with these new additions and improvements. None of this is possible without all of you and we hope you enjoy the ride!

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