Mega Dads: Bachelor Bracket – Week One

the women-01-01

The stage is set. Like years before, 30 women have been chosen from around the country to be mocked by chubby middle-aged men and their wives while they go on a search for love. But this year there’s one major difference, Four specific chubby men have vowed to put their controllers down and stop playing video games for one night a week in order to place bets on which of these fame-seeking airheads can make it all the way to the end and become the winner of The Bachelor. Adam and John from Mega Dads have recruited Justin from the Nintendo Dads and Alex from OK Beast to compete in a contest of epic proportions. Each week they will select which of these fine-ass ladies will get a rose and make it to the next week of reality TV glory.

The rules are simple. For each correct selection they make, the guys will receive a point reflective of what week of the competition they are in. Week one, for example, will net them one point for each correct selection. Week two will net them two points per selection and so on. For this first week of competition, the guys have two bonus categories as well. If they correctly select who receives the first impression rose they will receive 10 bonus points and if they can pull off the miracle of correctly guessing the winner of the Bachelor in week one they receive 25 bonus points.

At the end of the competition, the couch potato with the most accumulative points will be crowned King of the Bachelor Bracket and receive a congratulatory video of each of the three losers singing “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot to be posted on twitter for all to see and mock.

Let the games begin!

Here are your week one Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket selections:



J week one

justin week one-01


Also to show the men how absolutely ridiculous they look we have some for-real females taking part in the bracket as well. Our wives will be playing along to shame us with their female intuition. They will NOT, however, be singing any Sir Mix-A-Lot. They made that abundantly clear.

krist week one-01




You can save your very own Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket and play along at home as well!

Bach Bracket blank-01

The Bachelor can be seen Monday nights on ABC. We are not sponsored by ABC and they probably wouldn’t like us doing this cause we’re dumb.


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