Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket: Week Four

the women-01

Week three was another week of bottlenecked scores as John, Adam and Cristina all received the same 36 point weekly score. However there was some separation as Alex, Justin and Kristy only received 33 points. Now with each correct pick netting the player four points, there’s a chance for some shakeups in week four.

The big news coming out of week three however was the elimination of Sarah, whom Alex, John and Kristy had all selected as their week one guess to win it all. In addition to that Katrina, who was Justin’s pick, and Lauren, who was Cristina’s, were also eliminated. That takes every player except for Adam out of contention to snag the bonus 25 points during the final week for successfully guessing the winner of The Bachelor on week one.

Things are getting interesting. With John still holding a 9 point lead over his wife, here are your week four picks.


Bach Bracket


Bach Bracket Alex-01


Bach Bracket JUSTIN-01


Bach Bracket KRISTY-01


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