Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket: Week Five

women week 6-01

This week brought LOADS of drama to The Bachelor. From Peter somehow smashing his face into a golf cart and cutting himself, to Kelsey having a nervous breakdown because Peter actually went on a date with someone other than her, to Peter doubting Kelley’s commitment to the process because she wasn’t ready to immediately get engaged and profess her love to him after spending like 24 hours together.

This week also brought a bit of a wrinkle to our Bachelor Bracket as they not only decided to have two episodes this week, but they didn’t do a rose ceremony last week! Since they skipped the ceremony we decided to carry over our picks to Monday’s episode… and then they did 2 ceremonies!! C’mon guys, why do you have to make this so tough.

So after the first rose ceremony, Adam, Justin & Kristy each made up some ground trying to catch up to John who still remains on top, but Adam is only 6 points behind in 2nd place and could easily close that gap this week! As far as the second rose ceremony goes, we weren’t expecting that to happen so there were no picks, meaning all zeros for “week 5”. We’ve made these next picks not knowing if there will be another ceremony on tonight’s episode or not until next week. This show is becoming so unpredictable!

Current Standings:

John – 125pts

Adam – 119pts

Cristina – 116pts

Justin – 115pts

Kristy – 115pts

Alex – 111pts

adam week 6

Bach Bracket


Bach Bracket JUSTIN


kristy week 6

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