Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket: Week 7

women week 7-01

We’re closing in on the home stretch of the first-ever Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket. 25 women have been eliminated from competition and John is sitting pretty with a commanding lead. Last week he netted a near-perfect bracket while Adam (who was within striking distance) turned in his worst performance only grabbing 50% of the points on the table for the week. Our leaderboard saw quite a shakeup after the crazy week of double episodes. Here are your current rankings:

  • John 155 pts
  • Justin and Kristy 139 pts
  • Adam 137 pts
  • Alex 135 pts
  • Cristina 134 pts

With the player field being so narrow we are now seeing less of an opportunity for our bracket runners to have a breakout week over the others. However, each week brings a higher score net for correct answers so there is still time to close the gap. Also, Adam still has an opportunity for an upset as his week one pick to be the final winner is still in the game. If he manages to pull off that long-shot pick he will gain a bonus 25 points at the very end of the competition.

Here are this week’s picks.


Bach Bracket





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