The Best Co-op Games to Play With Your Valentine

John ProfileI’ve been married for 14 years. That’s 1/3 of my entire life that I’ve been legally bound to my spouse! In that time we’ve discovered lots of different things that we love to do together. We love to travel, visiting France, Alaska, and cities all around the continental U.S. We love to eat great food, dining at some of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities. And sometimes we like to plant our butts on the couch with a bowl of pistachios and spend the evening playing video games together.

So for all of the couples out there who love to play games together, whether you’ve just started dating or you’re an old married couple like us, my wife Cristina and I have compiled a list of our favorite games to play together. So whether you’re cooking a fancy dinner at home or have plans for a romantic night out, perhaps end this Valentine’s Day curled up on the couch in your PJs with these great co-op games.


With its fast-paced action, fun & colorful aesthetic, and addictive “just one more match” gameplay, Fortnite has been a favorite in my home for a long time. Typically we’ve been content to pass the controller around between rounds, but recent additions such as split-screen and cross-platform play mean that you have more options than ever to play Duos with your honey beside you. There’s nothing quite like that first Victory Royale together.


Rock Band is one of the all-time greatest party games, but you don’t have to get the entire band together to have a good time with this game. You can get your rock on with a duet however you want! Sometimes we’ll just chill on the couch and play some slow tunes, me strumming on guitar while she sings along. Make a playlist of some great rock ballads and you’ve got the perfect date night!


This WiiU platformer doesn’t get the love it deserves, partially because so few people played it due it being exclusive to one of Nintendo’s worst-selling consoles of all time. But this game features super fun co-op action and cool new power-ups like the catsuit. We loved our time with this classic, and if the rumors of a Switch version are true we’ll be happy to replay it all over again.


Some of the best co-op games out there are the kind that makes the two of you work together to solve mind-bending puzzles, and when it comes to puzzle games it doesn’t get much better than Portal. The witty characters and writing add a fun layer to the game and when you and your valentine finally figure out that puzzle you’ve been stuck on forever, you’ll feel like the smartest couple in the world.


The Left 4 Dead series also requires teamwork to make it through, but it’s less about putting your heads together to solve a puzzle and more about blowing the heads off of anything that gets in your way. Your only hope of surviving the zombie apocalypse is to stay together, watch each others backs, and not being stingy with the health kits.


My wife and I have loved playing through the Gears series together for years, and with Gears 5 they’ve put all of their experience together to create one of the best co-op games around. Great characters, stunning environments, and a good story make for a bloody good time with the one you love. And if the story isn’t really your thing you can always jump into the great Deathmatch or Horde modes together.


Listen closely when I tell you that playing Overcooked with your boo can be one of the most exciting and hilarious experiences around, but make sure your relationship is on solid ground before you jump into the kitchen together. As much fun as it is in the early levels to be serving up customers left and right, when the difficulty ratchets up and the heat is on, things can get a bit testy when your partner isn’t pulling their own weight and holding up the show. ” I SAID NO LETTUCE ON THIS BURGER!!”


If you’re not up for a fast-paced and intense experience, you’re probably looking for a more laid back time with the LEGO series of games. These platforming collect-a-thons are easy to jump into and don’t offer much of a challenge with the unlimited lives they give you. Whether you’re into Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars or Harry Potter, it’s just fun to explore the fun worlds and smash every last LEGO brick in sight.

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