Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket: Week 8


It’s Hometown week! This is the week where Peter visits the families of the 4 ladies left and tries to convince them that this is all completely normal and not at all f’ed up. Good luck Pete!

With only a couple of weeks to go, John has separated himself from the rest of the pack and it seems the only way he’ll be caught is if Madison gets the final rose, with Adam having chosen her on Week 1 and would nab a whopping 25 points with her victory. Here are the current standings after 7 weeks!

John: 183pts

Alex: 163pts

Cristina: 162pts

Justin: 160pts

Kristy: 160pts

Adam: 158pts

And here are this week’s picks:

Bach Bracket

Bach Bracket

Bach Bracket JUSTIN


Bach Bracket KRISTY


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