The Bachelor Bracket: Fantasy Suites

the women-01

Fantasy Suites are here and after last week’s shocking turn with Victoria F going bat-shit crazy, and Madison making indications that if Peter sleeps with ANY of the girls she will pack her bags it’s going to be interesting to see how this week plays out, to say the least.

John still holds a commanding lead but by being exactly 25 points ahead of Adam there is still a slim opportunity for Adam to come out with the win IF Madison gets the final rose and nets him his bonus 25 points.

Here is the current Leaderboard:

John: 207pts

Justin: 184pts

Adam: 182pts

Alex: 179pts

Cristina: 178pts

Kristy: 176pts

Here are your picks for the week.


Bach Bracket

Bach Bracket Alex FS-01

Bach Bracket JUSTIN FS-01

Bach Bracket KRISTY FS-01


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