The Bachelor Bracket: FINAL WEEK

the women-01

It’s finally here. The grand finale week for our Bachelor Bracket, and there is so much up in the air. Our finalists are Hannah Ann and Madison and it appears that the safe money is on Madison. All but ONE of our bracket players has put their chips on Madison to win it all. The crazy thing is that if John fumbles his pick for the winner and Madison is indeed the last woman standing, Adam will make a last second triumph and win the entire bracket with the help of his bonus 25 points from picking Madison as the winner way back in week one.

However, John has retained his dominance throughout this entire bracket with a commanding lead that he never gave up. Will he be correct while also being the ONLY one in the bracket to choose Hannah Ann? Brace yourselves for the most dramatic ending in Mega Dads Bachelor Bracket history…

Here is the current Leaderboard:

John: 225pts

Adam: 200pts

Alex: 197pts

Kristy: 194pts

Justin: 193pts

Cristina: 187pts

Here are your picks for the week.

Bach Bracket Adam-01

Bach Bracket

Bach Bracket Alex-01

Bach Bracket JUSTIN-01

Bach Bracket KRISTY-01


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