Family Game Night: Hidden Through Time


By: Nick Edwards

As a certified father and husband going on eleven years now, I often find those roles as being defined by one major function. Much like Harry Potter, I am a seeker, a finder of all things lost, misplaced or simply put away. Yes, it seems every time someone in the house can’t find their book, hairbrush, toy, etc it’s “Do you know where my … is?” So, it may be surprising that I would find myself enamored with a game that takes my professional job title and turns it into something you would do for fun.

I looked at Hidden Through Time, a game the is the electronic version of Where’s Waldo and thought I could use it to help train up my kids to start looking for their own things. Who knew family game night could be informative as well?


Hidden Through Time is a hidden objects game set across four embellished time periods in human history. You have the Stone Age, Egypt, Medieval Europe, and the wild wild west. Altogether there are 26 levels. You start off small and gradually work your way up to larger more dense maps within each theme.

A very simple concept with a simple UI mixed with a cute whimsical art direction that sort of reminded me of Cyanide and Happiness made for a nice relaxing time with my daughters. Each level has its own list of objects to find. It’s a scrollable list with an associated clue for each object. You don’t have to find every object to move on to the next level as each one has a different threshold you must meet which is nice when you are playing with less patient players.

FF9DD33D-323A-43E0-A382-3AB865409482Just because I said daughters doesn’t mean that Hidden Through Time is a multiplayer game, at times we would take turns, divvying up the objects per level, other times my daughters would each take a joy-con and control different aspects of the searching experience. Near the end of our time with the game, I would help each one create some custom maps for the other to solve. Like the rest of the game, I found the creation tools to be simple and easy to pick up. After picking a time period it is an intuitive drag and drop for what you would like placed in the world.

My daughters and I really enjoyed our time with Hidden Through Time. It proved to be the perfect thing to do in short bursts to unwind after a day of homeschooling and working from home. And while my overall goal of teaching them real-life finding skills was a miss we did find some comfort cuddled on the couch looking at dinosaurs and knights. Hidden Through Time is available now on mobile and console as well as PC from 1.99 to 7.99.

Dad’s Take: “A perfect game to relax on the couch and unwind after dinner and before bedtime with the whole family”

Kid’s Take: “It was really really fun. It was challenging but fun”

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