Mega Bits – An Introduction

Welcome to the introduction of Mega Bits, a new monthly feature here at Mega Dads where we breakdown all the news and events you need to know surrounding your favorite video game platforms. Mega Bits will hit your eyes and ears at the end of every month in an easy-to-digest piece of content delivered to you by your favorite Mega Dads. It will be both a written feature with visuals as well as a smaller sized podcast dropped straight into your Mega Dads Live podcast feed.

Mega Bits is a console-specific piece of content, so there will be a different edition for each of the three major players in the video game scene, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. This is a way for us here at Mega Dads to show our passion for our platforms of choice and to channel that energy into creating the best place for you to go for all the news and updates about your favorite place to play. Mega Bits is all about our passion for video games and we plan to bring it to you in bright red, green and blue!

With three different variants of Mega Bits we will have three different hosts as well. We’d like to take a minute to tell you in our own words what we plan to bring to our personal editions of Mega Bits and also why the three of us feel like we’re the best voices to bring you this coverage.

Adam Leonhardt: Hi everybody! I’ll be hosting PlayStation Mega Bits and I am extremely excited about this new avenue of reporting the latest news and information all about PlayStation. On PlayStation Mega Bits you can expect me to cover the onslaught of PS4 games that are ushering out this generation of PlayStation as well as looking forward to the unveiling and subsequent release of the PlayStation 5. I’ll also cast a keen eye on the PSVR platform. I am a huge enthusiast for VR and am excited by Sony’s dedication to the platform.

On PlayStation Mega Bits you can expect me to hit all the big stories, rumors and events happening in this space and I’ll deliver it with the passion of a guy who has been playing on the PlayStation for 25 years.

John Wahl: I can vividly remember playing the original Halo for the first time back in 2001 and running out to buy an Xbox the very next day. I knew then that the console space was going to be changed forever and I was hyped by the new player in the game. Since that day I’ve been a fan of Microsoft’s line of consoles and I’m excited to be hosting Xbox Mega Bits for our Mega Dads family of podcasts.

As we prepare to enter the next generation of gaming, I’m thrilled by the momentum Xbox has built. They have taken a tough situation and used it as the motivation to once again change the games industry. Through programs such as xCloud, Game Pass, Xbox All Access and Smart Delivery, Microsoft is leading the charge and shaping the way we will all play games for years to come. I’ll be covering the world of Xbox, from the latest news and rumors to the biggest new releases and Game Pass arrivals. All in a bite sized format that will easily fit into any gamer’s schedule. I hope you’ll join in me as we cover Xbox through both an enthusiastic but also critical lens.

Jonny Casino: Yo yo guys! I will be bringing you the Nintendo Mega Bits. These bite sized entries will have me diving into the news of the month and picking out the parts that excite me the most. Each month I will search through the upcoming games and make sure you know which ones to keep an eye on. These could be Nintendo exclusives, amazing indies, or triple A games that you should obviously play on the most versatile console on the market. As rumors continue to flow, I’ll get excited right with you, while always being the voice of reason.

Nintendo might not be releasing a new console this year, but it will remain my favorite place to play games. I have all the consoles, but my heart will always be with The Big N!!

We hope you’re excited about this new addition to the Mega Dads family of content. Mega Bits will premiere later this month with PlayStation Mega Bits on May 25, Xbox Mega Bits on May 27 and Nintendo Mega Bits on May 29. Three new features, three new podcasts, three voices bringing you everything you need to know about your favorite places to play.

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