Pixel Perfect: Shadow of the Colossus


This week on Pixel Perfect we are bringing you to the forbidden wastelands, where giants slumber and mystery awaits. We of course are covering the wonderful Playstation 4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus by Bluepoint Games. This wonderful recreation of the Playstation 2 classic is an absolute beauty with a fantastic photo mode. This game also allows the player to play the game with photo mode filters applied, which is a first in any game I’ve played with photo mode capabilities. We hope you enjoy our gargantuan photo gallery.

With Mega Dads Pixel Perfect, we’re creating a feature at Mega Dads where we can showcase our best moments in game, as well as yours, through photo mode. We want you to think of Pixel Perfect as our community art gallery. We also want you to be involved just as much as we are. So if you have a photo that you want to share with the community you can email them to me at adamleonhardt@megadads.org

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