The Mega 5: Shows That Don’t Suck to Watch With Your Kids

By: Nick Edwards

As parents we all share the collective horror when our kids are really into something. The song that they just can’t seem to let go, the weird unicorn pooped themed toys that don’t make any sense and of course the hours of just terrible, terrible television shows that they make you watch on repeat to the point of madness. The Peppa Pigs, the Little Einsteins and the (hrmph) Paw Patrols, we have all been there and known misery. If you can manage to hide the DVDs and remote control, I feel like I can help you out by offering you five whole shows to watch with your kids and enjoy your time on the couch.

A newly discovered show, this Australian based cartoon revolves around a family of dogs. Bluey herself is a very energetic, curious and imaginative little pup who along with her younger sister Bingo think of many wonderful games to play. Her father is very present and active during the play and so is their mother. There is a huge theme of family, patience and imagination. The overall tone is very chilled and calming and my kids actively like catching me giggle to some of the jokes and situations that only parents would get like when they play a game called “Raiders” and its just rolling a yoga ball down a hallway as they run away. Episodes are broken into three smaller segments and while there is only one season so far of this award-winning show, more are on their way. You can catch Bluey streaming on Disney plus.

The new incantation of the old My Little Pony franchise is charming and cute if you can ignore the creepier aspects of its adult fanbase. The show is all about the power of friendship and how each person or pony is special and brings something unique to the table. Throughout the numerous seasons and movies, the ponies rely on each other to help solve problems. Even the big baddies of each season usually turn out okay when shown empathy and compassion which is a good lesson for todays times. My Little Pony is streaming on Netflix

Kipo is a story about a young girl growing up in a strange time. Most humans live in underground bunkers while the surface is overrun with giant rabbits, lumberjack cats and yakuza frogs. When Kipo gets separated from her dad and her home raided by mutants she must somehow find her way back to her dad. Kipo is very stylish and like My Little Pony, Kipo likes to solve her problems and confrontations with words, mostly. The soundtrack is amazing as well, reminded me very much of Samurai Champloo. Kipo is streaming on Netflix

I love when a show is as much for kids as it is for adults. Gumball mixes different animation styles and goofball humor that mixes in many jokes for adults as it does for kids. Gumball is a blue cat in middle school with a goldfish for a brother a very dumb pink rabbit for a dad a genius little sister and an overworked Mom. Episodes range from helping Gumballs girlfriend very literally come out of her shell and have her parents accept her to a full-on song routine making fun of older people using technology. If you are looking for a calm show to watch before bed, this probably would not be the pick. Gumball is topical and slapstick and can sometimes be heartwarming. Gumball is streaming on Hulu.

I absolutely loved the original Duck tales growing up and the theme song is a regular pick for jamming in the car on road trips. The reboot is everything you would want from a new Duck Tales and more considering the absolute powerhouse cast including David Tennant, Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz to name a few. Characters are fleshed out more  than just three ducks who wear different colored clothes now and some roles have been tweaked and expanded like that of Webby. All the same characters are there from Gyro to Ma Beagle even Darkwing duck shows up a few times. There is no greater joy than being able to share something you loved as a kid with your own kids and having them love it too. Duck Tales is streaming on Disney Plus. RIP Duckworth the Butler.

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