Five Quick PS5 Conference Predictions


This is it! It looks like we’re going to get a glimpse of what PlayStation has in store for us in the next gen.

Sony has announced a new date for their hour long PS5 press conference. It will now air this week Thursday, June 11th at 1:00pm Pacific time on Twitch, YouTube and at – set your alarms and reminders now, we’ll wait.

Details have been scares thus far and there are so many unknowns. Has the state of the world, delays, and rescheduling effected what will be shown?Will we actually see the PS5? Maybe a price reveal & release date?

For now its fun to speculate and let our imaginations run wild. Check out some of the predication from some of the members of the Mega Dads team and share your thoughts in the comments below.

1. How many brand new exclusive IP will be revealed?  

CHRIS: 3  

2. What dormant franchise gets revived?

ANTONIO: Twisted Metal
CHRIS: Twisted Metal or Jak and Daxter  
NICK: Syphon Filter

3. Will console be revealed? If so, what’s the launch price?

ANTONIO: Nope. But it will be $499 plus tax.
CHRIS: Box won’t be shown, controller will be talked about. Still no price  
NICK: Yes $449.99

4. Which returning franchise sequel is announced that “steals the show”?

ANTONIO: Bloodborne
CHRIS: The Order 1886/7, Killzone, or Infamous  
NICK: Horizon Zero Dawn 2

5. What dream surprise announcement are you hoping for?

ANTONIO: Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker Remake
CHRIS: Horizon 2 is a day 1 launch title  
NICK: God of War 2

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