5 Quick Xbox Games Showcase Predictions

Last month Sony revealed their impressive lineup of 1st and 3rd party titles coming to the PlayStation 5 later this year. Now the spotlight swings to Microsoft as they prepare to unveil their lineup of games which will be coming to the Xbox family of consoles.

The Xbox Games Showcase will be interesting for a variety of reasons, with Microsoft’s approach to next gen gaming being different then that of the PS5 in a number of ways. Most of the games shown will be available on the Xbox One as well as the new hardware, there will no doubt be an enormous amount of time devoted to talking about Xbox Game Pass, and there is a lot of pressure for Xbox to show that they have a stable of 1st party games that can compete with Sony’s AAA offerings.

So with that being said, we gathered Chris Berto, Nick Edwards, and John Wahl from Team Mega Dads to give their predictions on the upcoming show.

Will Halo: Infinite look to be the return to glory that Halo fans have been clamoring for?

Chris: “343 Industries has a lot to prove and everything to lose with Halo: Infinite. Halo 5 is largely regarded as one of the weakest titles in the long-running series, at least as far as the campaign is concerned and I really hope that 343i took the feedback to heart. I am torn about wanting this to be a spiritual reboot or continuation of Halo 5‘s convoluted story, but this game will and should absolutely set the bar for the generation ahead. I am excited, but cautiously so.”

Nick: “Microsoft needs a big name like Halo to come out swinging and regain some confidence in their first party titles again, but so far 343 is 0 for 2 with its turn at Halo.”

John: “I think Halo: Infinite needs to (and will) be a return to form for the series. I think it will be more of an evolution than a revolution though, and probably not the complete re-imagining that some people are wanting.”

Will Microsoft announce any new studio acquisitions?

Chris: “The elephant in the room is obviously WB Games and everything that comes with it. If anyone has the bankroll to purchase and make good use of WB Games and the IP they own, its Microsoft. Do I think we’ll hear about an acquisition? Yes, but I’m not sold on it being a juggernaut studio like WB.”

Nick: “I know some are salivating over the news that WB Games is looking to sell but I wouldn’t count on that. A safe bet would be one or 2 smaller additional acquisitions being made.”

John : “I don’t think we’ll see any new acquisitions as they will focus on showing the games from who they’ve already picked up. Also, if the WB deal does happen it’s too early for that announcement.”

Halo: Infinite

Which dormant 1st party franchise is most likely to make a return?

Chris: “At this point, the Fable game rumor has to be the running favorite for a dormant IP to make its much-anticipated return, and for me, it’s the one I want the most. Beyond that however, speculation is running rampant that the Microsoft’s first AAAA studio, The Initiative is working on a reboot of Perfect Dark. I have no history with this franchise, but if this series is coming back, this is the event to reveal it.”

Nick: “My heart wants Fable, regardless of what that looks like in 2020.”

John: “I feel like Perfect Dark is the most likely, and almost a shoo-in. I would love to also see Rare classics Banjo-Kazooie and Viva Pinata make a return too.”

How many brand new IP do we see announced from Xbox Game Studios?

Chris: “I am really hoping we see no less than 3 new IP. I love sequels, but this is a new generation, and I want to meet new antagonists, visit new worlds, and see something we have never seen before. I’m sure there are those who would love to see Perfect Dark return, but if that isn’t what The Initiative is working on, I hope it’s a new IP and I hope it closes out the show.”

Nick: “Xbox needs exclusives. If it is any less than 5 big budget titles coming 2020-2021 it is going to be a let down.”

John: “I think we’ll see a decent number of sequels and rebooted franchises, so I’m going to guess that we see two brand new IP announced, most likely from Compulsion Games and Obsidian.”

What would be Xbox’s mic drop moment that would have everyone talking the next day?

Chris: “This showcase should be all about the games, but if Microsoft wants to keep people talking, give us the price of the box. Be the first company to come out and tell us exactly what we need to be saving for in November and put pre-orders up the moment the show ends. I don’t think any single game could have an impact bigger than that and it would effectively allow Microsoft to plant their flag in the ground, assert their dominance, and force Sony’s hand and prove to gamers that they aren’t afraid or bothered by what their competition is planning.”

Nick: “Price for sure. Both Sony and Microsoft are playing chicken on price, but Xbox has been great about getting out early and controlling the narrative this generation.”

John: “Without any big hardware news like the Series S announcement expected, I think a really strong showing from Halo: Infinite could be huge. I also think if we get reboots of either Perfect Dark or Fable, that could be something very, very exciting.”


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