Summer Game Fest – Preview: Phogs!

By John Wahl

Some games you read about or look at screenshots and think to yourself “Yeah, I don’t think so”. Then you actually get your hands on the game and that opinion becomes “Okay, I get it”. After my daughter saw the key art in the Xbox store and begged me to download it, Phogs! from developer Bit Loom Games became one such game.

Phogs! is playable as a single player game, but it is clearly designed and at it’s best as a couch co-op experience. You play as a two headed dog, with each player controlling one head, and must traverse through a series of levels with different, silly objectives. When I say a two headed dog though, don’t think of some Cerberus type of creature. You are two dog heads connected in the middle by one long, stretchy body. No legs, no tail, just this weird, phallic like creature slithering along the ground barking and biting things.

The demo included in this event features three areas to explore, and 8 objectives to complete. Some of the objectives are optional and need to be searched for, and you’re rewarded with a bone for each task that you complete. Most of these objectives are fairly simple, but the fun comes in trying to get both players to coordinate to get them done. If you are both on the same page and crawl off in different directions, you won’t be getting very far.

One objective has you needing to water a flower so that it grows and you can bounce off of it. There’s a faucet nearby, but nothing to put the water in. So after turning the water on, one player needs to bite down on the faucet, while the water pours into his mouth and travels through your body like a hose, spraying out the other side of your two headed dog weenie creature.

Other objectives can be as simple as fetching a pair of shoes for somebody so that they can get out on the dance floor and bust a move. Not all of the objectives were particularly creative, but they were all very silly and had the two of us laughing as we yelled at each to go this way or that.

Phogs! is a goofy, fun game to play with a friend. I think it will be a particularly fun game to play with your kids, or with an immature adult if you have any of those around the house. It says a lot I think that we’ve already played through the demo twice so far, and my guess is that we’ll do it at least a couple of more times before this demo event is over. And we’re already anxious to see just how silly the final game is when it releases later this year on all major platforms.

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