PlayStation Mega Bits: July 2020

We’re a month removed from the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and while Xbox just had their games showcase, and Nintendo had themselves a mini direct, Sony continues to make news as we snowball towards the release of the future of gaming. It may have taken them a little while to get out of the gate but there is no denying that Sony continues to cast a tall and confident shadow on the gaming landscape. So buckle up, because it’s time to dive into the deep blue. This is PlayStation Mega Bits.

Sony’s Legacy is in the Cloud

A patent filing by Sony on July 2nd appears to hint at the possibility of full backwards compatibility for the Playstation 5 via cloud computing. The patent describes how users can execute game applications remotely and the patent illustrations specifically display PS1, PS2 and PS3 terminals being on the cloud end of this equation. With the absence of a PS4 and the already made announcement that PS5 will be backwards compatible with that generation, the inference here is that this cloud service is meant to supplement the already present PS4 back-combat with a cloud based emulation of the previous three generations.

This would be an interesting move somewhat akin to the Switch Online way of offering older games via a payable service, possibly Playstation Plus or PSNow. Or maybe a more apt way of looking at it is to compare it to Stadia where all of your gaming is handled on a server somewhere outside your home. Off-boarding the backwards compatibility muscle-power to a cloud service is an interesting way to do it without having to bake that capability into the box itself.

One of the biggest unknowns with the PS5 is what the services end is going to look like in the coming generation. Microsoft has front loaded all of their messaging with the face of their many services such as GamePass and Project X-Cloud. Sony has a lot of communicating to do in the coming months as we prepare for the launch of the PS5. Hopefully once we learn about the future of PSPlus and PSNow this vision of backwards compatibility will be a part of the conversation.

Hands on with DualSense

Geoff Keighley went live on a Summer Game Fest stream to show the DualSense for the very first time in someone’s actual hands while also giving us a closer look at the PS5 pack-in title, Astro’s Play Room. Sporting a little more heft, and body mass, Keighly did a side-by-side with the Dualshock 4 as well as communicating some noticeable differences such as the enhanced onboard speaker unit and the fantastic haptic feedback triggers.

The triggers themselves were showcased quite well in the Astro demo. The demo shown conveyed how the game will be able to communicate with DualSense in specific ways to adjust tension in the controller in addition to the traditional vibration. The intent is to create a truly immersive feeling of place in your games. Sony has already spoken at length about their investment in 3D audio design in their games, and now with DualSense they are showcasing their intent to make games so much more of an immersive experience. I can only imagine what the plans are for the next step in VR with how much Sony is committing to this idea of immersion in all aspects of play.

Double the PlayStation this Holiday

Sony is doubling down on PS5 production stating that their goal is to produce 10 million units by March of next year to meet demand of the next generation console. Specifically citing increased demand due to COVID 19 keeping us all locked inside our bunkers, and people needing more gaming in their lives now more than ever, Sony is tightening their masks and working overtime to double the initial projections for how many units they planned to release. Good job guys. No word yet as to when we’ll be able to pre-order our units but the official word from Sony is that they will notify the public with plenty of lead time so that nobody has to digitally camp out in front of Amazon with their finger on the button just yet.

Remake Returns

There’s already talk about the follow up to this Spring’s massive hit, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a good thing considering how long it took Square to get chapter one in our hands. In an interview with the iconic Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, game director and longtime series front-man Tetsuya Nomura made comments on the upcoming sequel. The game is currently in full-development and it is being made with an eye on the fact that the public is chomping at the bit to find out details about this game’s roadmap.

We’ve talked at length here at Mega Dads about Square’s need to establish their intentions with Remake project. As of now we don’t know how many chapters it will be, what the release cycle might look like, and without going into spoiler territory, just what does the rest of Final Fantasy VII Remake even look like?

Nomura commented that Square wants to deliver the game as soon as they possibly can and we can only hope that we’ll see the return of Cloud and company in the next couple of years. Games this size and scope traditionally take a long time to develop. We don’t want them to rush things, but at the same time we’d love a little more insight into where we’re going next.

Ghost Slashes Records

The Sucker Punch Samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima, which I’ll talk about again a little later, absolutely decimated the sales record for a brand new Sony IP, selling 2.4 million copies in it’s first 3 days of sale. This breaks the previous record held by Horizon Zero Dawn by a considerable margin as that game sold 2.6 millions in the span of two weeks. Sony has been on a tear of setting sales records this generation with titles like Spider-Man, God of War and The Last of Us Part 2 all selling over 3 million copies within their first 3 days on the market. These are massive numbers and show that people have come to trust in the quality of Sony’s 1st party offerings.

In addition to those impressive numbers it is worth pointing out that Sony continues to impress with the irrefutable quality of their first parts studio offerings and what’s even more exciting about this generation of PlayStation is that Sony is delivering brand new IP that match the quality of long standing franchises like Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank. Rather than resting on their laurels and being a sequel machine, Sony continues to invest in the longevity of their stable of properties by providing new stories that are landing well with players. Ghost of Tsushima is both a hit in regards to sales and critical reception so it would be a safe bet that we can expect to see the further adventures of Lord Sakai in years to come.

A New Way to Dream

Dreams has added support for creators to turn their dreams into Virtual Realities. Dreams VR is available right now and if you thought it was difficult to create a game the normal way, I can only imagine what it’s going to be like making one that you are inside. All joking aside, it’s pretty remarkable what gamers have managed to create using Dreams, and now with the full power of VR behind them I can only imagine we’re going to see some wild creations that we’ll be able to walk through with our headsets on.

Adam’s Pick:

I’ve been immersed in the world of Ghost of Tsushima for the last couple of weeks. This game is a fantastic open world samurai adventure that I can lose myself in for hours. The clever combat system forces you to think about every block, parry and strike in a way that doesn’t punish you in a Souls kind of way, but demands your attention in a way that makes each encounter so satisfying.

The world of Tsushima is one of the most gorgeous open worlds I have ever seen. The usage of color and contrast is second to none and developer Sucker Punch has created a landscape that provides new sights and secrets around every corner. This is the Feudal Japan Assassin’s Creed game people have been waiting for and it’s marvelous.

Elliott’s Pick:

I’ve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is about fighting robot dinosaurs. You play as Aloy, she’s cool because she beats bad guys. She uses weapons like bow and arrows and slingshots and a spear. The world is really cool because there’s a whole bunch of robots and you pick up a whole bunch of stuff from them. You can do bandit camps with bad guy people and there’s a place where you have to go and there’s a place where there’s a big robot and people. I like bandit camps. I think kids should play this game because you are strong.

That’s all we’ve got for you this month in the world of PlayStation Mega Bits but the Summer is just heating up. With rumors of another State of Play arriving in August you can be sure we here at Mega Dads will be bringing you all the latest and most important news and information for all things PlayStation. For now this is Adam and Elliott signing off, we’ll see you back here next month for an all new PlayStation Mega Bits.

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