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It finally happened!  Nintendo has finally given us fans some things to get excited for.  Today, Nintendo put out a Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct.  The rumors that have been going on for months have been proven to be real.  Now, lets breakdown what we learned.

I want to start by addressing something I only learned about by going to the website.  Nintendo is teaming up with Lunchables and making an Animal Crossing Lunchable.  I was not able to find out much about this, but I will be keeping an eye out.  My kids still eat these from time to time and I will buy at least one.

Another collaboration from today is with Puma.  I love that Nintendo has been working with shoe companies.  The Vans collaboration produced some really cool shoes.  I am less impressed with the Puma ones.  They look nice, but they don’t  do it for me.  At a steep cost of $125, I will be passing on these shoes. 

Before I dive into the games that were announced, I must touch on the special events.  The only one that really stood out for me is the Super Mario missions that allow us an opportunity to earn a pin set.  These look nice and I want them.  Nintendo states that the supplies are limited, and I worry about how difficult it could be to get them.  The missions are simple, and many seem possible to do now.  One mission is to buy the game digitally or buy it physically and claim the My Nintendo points.  Another one, which I am not looking forward to, is to race in a Super Mario Kart Tour event.  I guess I need to download that. 

The other events seem less exciting.  From September 8th to the 22nd, Mario Kart Tour will have the Super Nintendo Mario and Donkey Kong Jr.  You will be able to buy special 35th anniversary merchandise soon from the Nintendo New York store and online.  Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Splatoon will be having special Mario events in the near future.  These are all fine but nothing too great.

There is one other thing listed with the events that does have me giddy.  In March, we will be able to get Mario themed furniture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  The biggest thing I feel this game has been missing is the Nintendo Collectibles.  I have almost lost faith in these ever coming to be, but the furniture announcement gives me some hope.  The living room in my house will be filled with the Mario furniture and it will be glorious.

Now we must talk games.  For those of us that have the Nintendo Online Service, Super Mario All-Stars has joined the SNES lineup.  This game has the enhanced 16-bit graphic versions of Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, and Lost levels.  The originals of these games were already available, but I am glad this this is available.  I still have my childhood copy of the game, so I probably won’t play this much on the Switch.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is a game I never saw coming, but it somehow makes sense.  It seems like you will play levels from the Super Mario Bros. against 34 other players.  Super Mario Bros. is not generally a competitive game.  To change that, enemies you take out will be sent to other player’s games.  There is mention of special items that can be used against other players as well.  This will be a free game for Online Service subscribers from October 1st until March 31st

Do you want even more of the original Super Mario Bros. game?  Nintendo is releasing a new Game & Watch device.  This will have the original Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels, and Ball with Mario.  That last one looks like a game I’ll try once and only once.  It will also have a modern D-Pad and function as a clock.  At $50, I will probably have to get one just to have displayed on my desk.

If you thought we didn’t have enough WiiU games being rereleased on the Switch, then you are in luck.  Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is coming out February 12th.  I am very torn on whether I will pick this up.  My son and I played through the original and it was his favorite Mario game, but it hasn’t been that long since I played it.  Do I want to potentially spend $60 on a game I can go play right now on my WiiU?  Let’s be honest, I’m going to get it.  Whatever is being added to this game has yet to be announced but I have no doubt it will be good.  With this they will be releasing a cat Mario and cat Peach Amiibo.  They look great and, even though I don’t buy many Amiibos, I’ll probably buy these as well.

Nintendo continues to show that video game don’t need to be only on the TV.  Their latest innovative move is to bring Mario Kart to you in a brand-new way.  Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit brings Mario Kart to your living room floor.  You will be able to design a course on your floor and drive a radio controlled Mario or Luigi through it.  The controller for this is your switch, where you are seeing the actions in a Mario Kart fashion.  That’s right, what your car does on the floor is translated into the game on your screen.  On top of that, if your car gets hit by something on the screen, it will cause the actual car to temporarily stop. 

The game can be played with up to four players, which sounds like the greatest afternoon of gaming.  This does come with a catch.  When you purchase the game, it comes with what you need for the track and one car.  To play with more people, they must purchase more cars.  At $100 a car, this starts to be more expansive than its worth.  I also see the novelty wearing off and this only being brought out when new friends come over.

And now for the announcement us Nintendo fans have been waiting months for.  Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a real thing and it releases in two weeks.  The game consists of “optimized versions” of Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy.  According to the Nintendo website, “In addition to having higher resolutions than their original versions, the games have been optimized for a smooth gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch.”  I am not sure exactly what this means, but they better have fixed the cameras in 64 and Sunshine.  As long as they do that, this collection could be the greatest thing to come to any console this year.  The game will be available on September 18th.  They say it will be a limited production and only available until March 31st.

All in all, the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct was amazing.  I have no doubt I will spending plenty of time and money on Mario.  It did leave me with one very important question:  What the hell is happening this march?!  Seriously, there has to be something going on in March.  Why would they put out this online Mario game, but have it end in March?  Why would this All-Star collection only be in production until March?  This has to be an indication of something to come and it is driving me crazy.

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