Nintendo Mega Bits: September 2020

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September has been a month full of Nintendo trickling in news.  Even with the game announcements and mini Directs, it still feels a bit underwhelming.  The issue is that Microsoft and Sony have had a month of major news.  Nintendo doesn’t need a new console to steal the hype away from the others, but I think they needed more than they have given us.

The Mario Direct came out of nowhere and kinda surprised people.  The biggest announcement was the 3D all-stars game, but this had been rumored for a long time.  The only thing surprising with the announcement was that it was coming out within weeks.  I will expand on my thoughts on the game in a moment.

Many of the announcements in the Direct were cool but not for everyone.  Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit looks amazing, but the price is too high for most people.  The Game and Watch looks like a cool thing to have on my desk, but I doubt it would get played very often.  Mario 35 has me hyped, but it will be around for less than six months.  If you want my full impressions of the Mario Direct, you can check out the Mario MegBits I did earlier in the month.

Nintendo continued to trickle out information with another Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.  Sadly, nothing shown got me overly excited.  I have no doubt that games like Disgaea 6, Sniper Elite 4 (out on all other consoles for years), and The Long Dark have some gamers excited.  I don’t think these will be bad, but I also know I will never play them.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise is another game I will probably never play, but it does intrigue me.  If it works well, it could be an entertaining way to get exercise.  Monster Hunter Rise looks amazing, but I doubt I will play that either.  I have tried Monster Hunter games in the past and they never stick with me.  People say you need to play them with others to enjoy them, and, if someone wants to play this with me, I’d be willing to try it out. 

Empire of Sin, a strategy game set in the 1920s was piqued my interest.  I love the gangsters of the ‘20s, which makes me want to play this.  My concern is that it is top-down and that might take away a lot of the gangster joy from me.  Rune Factory 5 is the only other game I might have to check out.  I have found farming in games very pleasant, lately.  I like the idea of being able to do that but also having combat to go to when bored.

The final announcement in the Direct was not a surprise.  Ori and the Will of the Wisps is coming to the Switch.  I don’t remember hearing rumors about this but, after the first Ori came over, it was just a matter of time before the sequel followed.  I love that Microsoft and Nintendo play so nice together.  It gives me hope for future collaborations between the two.

Almost out of nowhere, Nintendo announced Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.  This game has me torn.  On one hand, I have not enjoyed a Warriors game in a very long time.  I did not really enjoy Hyrule Warriors.  The last time I enjoyed Dynasty Warriors was during the PS2 era.  My roommate and I made a drinking game out of it.  I do not recommend this.

On the other hand, this game will be telling the story of what happened 100 years before Breath of the Wild.  You know, the story that Breath of the Wild touched on but never fully told.  The story that every Zelda fan is dying to know.  That’s right, if you want to play that story, you need this game. 

I love when Nintendo lends out their IPs to other game makers, but I don’t like this.  They are holding this story hostage behind a style of gameplay that many people don’t care for.  The other issue is that we know the war in Hyrule does not go well for Link and Zelda.  Does this mean that you will lose?  You’ll play through the entire game and then watch everyone die?  Even with these criticisms, I have preordered this game and will be playing it. 

I wish Nintendo would add games to their online service more often, but at least we have some new ones coming.  Four games are being added this month, and some of them are, in my opinion, must plays.  Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest is an obvious choice and needs no explanation.  The other must play game is Mario’s Super Picross.  I have recently fallen in love with Picross and can’t wait to dive into this retro version. 

Super Mario 3D All Stars

Mario 3D All-Stars was announced at the beginning of the month and it’s in our hands already.  Shortly before its release, reviews confirmed my biggest fear.  Besides some slight visual improvements, Nintendo did nothing for these games.  The downside to this is that they should have done way more.  The upside is that I went into the game expecting to be disappointed.

I made the decision to play through the games in order, but I made sure to experience each of them before the end of the month.  Mario Sunshine looks beautiful.  It never looked bad on the GameCube, but it looks really great now.  The controls are still lacking and the camera has issues from time to time.  Overall, it plays well enough and I enjoy it.

Mario Galaxy is my least favorite 3D Mario game.  It’s not bad but I don’t like how linear it is.  That’s not what I want from a 3D Mario game.  Granted, when I get frustrated with the other two, I go into Galaxy to relax.  On top of that, Galaxy has the best music. 

This title needed very little improvement, to begin with.  It’s now 1080P so it obviously is beautiful.  One complaint I’ve heard is about the controls.  Specifically, about how the original uses the pointer feature of the Wii remotes.  I won’t play this with detached JoyCons.  I’ve been playing with a pro controller and its ability to act as a pointer has been perfect.  I really don’t know what people are complaining about.

Mario 64 is the game I was most worried about and the one that I have put the most time into.  I think going into the game with low expectations was helpful.  Honestly, even though the camera sucks and the controls are the worst, I am loving playing this game.  I never owned an N64 and I am now realizing that I played very little of Mario 64.  I am coming across levels that I have no memory of.  It is a great feeling.  Even though the game has major flaws, I want to play it all the time.

A major problem that I have with 64 is that it can get overly frustrating.  Sometimes this is due to the controls and camera, but other times it is because I just can’t figure out what it wants me to do.  I have no memory of most of this game, so I’m trying to figure this out from scratch.  I keep booting the game up, but I often rage quit quickly.

The rumor mill has been rolling hard again.  This time, the rumors are all about a potential Switch 2, or at least an upgraded Switch.  Some of these reports are hinting at it being 4K.  This goes directly along with reports that Nintendo has told game devs to ready 4K games.  Other reports make this sound unlikely.

Some of the rumors claim that the new Switch will not be a hybrid and will be for the TV only.  This feels unlikely but Nintendo did make a handheld only model.  Something that makes the TV only version seem more likely is a patent Nintendo filed for a controller.  This controller looks like a JoyCon without having rails to connect it to the Switch. 

So, I think the big question is what it would take for me to want a new Switch model.  I am using my day one Switch and it could use a little upgrade.  If a new model comes out that is a hybrid and 4K, I will consider the upgrade.  If the new model has much better JoyCons, I will consider the upgrade.  If the new model is TV only, I can’t imagine getting it.  I use my Switch in handheld about 75% of the time. 

At this point, I just want to know if these rumors are true.  I figure we should know sometime soon because the thought is the model will come out some time in 2021.  Maybe the new model will come out with Breath of the Wild 2.  If that is the case, and the game is in 4K, I might have to get the new model even if its TV only.  I hate not knowing.

Well, folks, that’s what happened this month.  Games were finally announced, and games have come out.  Rumors are flowing.  Retro games have been handed to us Online subscribers.  Still, none of this feels like enough.  Maybe it’s because I know they have to have more exciting things in the works.  Maybe its just because of the other companies launching new consoles.  Either way, I want more and I’m ok with being selfish and needy.

Until next month, I’m Jonny Casino and this has been the MegaDads Nintendo MegaBit for September 2020.

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