Introducing Small Talk: The Podcast

We’re very happy to present our all new full-length podcast, Small Talk with Elliott and Daddy! For the last couple of years Adam has been creating the Small Talk segment of Mega Dads Live with his son, Elliott. Now at the age of 6, Elliott has grown into his own voice and is so good at discussing video games on mic that we have broken Small Talk off of our flagship podcast and given it its own dedicated show.

Every month Adam and Elliott will sit down to discuss a particular video game they have been playing and also talk about the themes surrounding that game. For the first episode they sit down to discuss the space exploration game, No Mans Sky and have an open discussion about outer space and facts about the universe.

After they talk about games they are joined by Adam’s 3 year old daughter for a segment called Norah’s Corner in which Adam and Elliott get to introduce the youngest member of the family to the world of podcasting while Norah goes off topic and starts talking about butterflies and bunnies. It’s about as structured as you’d expect.

Finally, each and every month Adam and Elliott will end the show with a musical performance recorded live in studio. Adam takes lead on his guitar and Elliott chimes in on vocals. It’s a fun way to close out each show and we hope we leave you with a smile!

Small Talk is exclusive to members of Mega Dads Plus and if you’re not yet a member you can join RIGHT NOW and get the debut episode of Small Talk with Elliott and Daddy by going to and joining for only one dollar a month. Thank you so much for your support of Mega Dads and enjoy our brand new podcast!

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