November has come and gone, and I believe many people have forgotten the name Nintendo.  Not us!  Not the faithful.  We all know that Nintendo’s time to shine is right around the corner.  I really hope that is true.  It’s been a tough year for us.  All we want is some good news and some games.

This month, Microsoft and Sony released amazing new consoles.  They have had the spotlight and they deserve it.  Now, the spotlight operator needs to shift it back to the greatest gaming company ever.  It’s time Nintendo steps up and gives the gaming world something to talk about. 

I have low expectations for getting big news any time soon.  COVID continues to cause delays around the industry.  Nintendo knows they don’t need to talk about games if they don’t know when they will be ready.  They have also seen that announcing a game with short notice doesn’t have a negative effect on them.  They can kinda just do what they want.  With this in mind, I have decided to talk a bit about what I hope will come in the near future.

The number one hope I have for the coming months is info on a new Switch model.  This has been rumored for a while and I need to know the truth.  In March, the Switch will be 4 years old, and it’s time to see some improvements.  I am not sure I would have felt this way if the rumors had not been there, but, alas, I want a new model. 

I think a better battery and more power is the way to go.  Sure, 4K would be great, but Nintendo has shown they can make a game beautiful at 1080P.  Better quality JoyCons is a must.  I love how these work, but they seem to not work long enough.  I know some people would love for the next Switch model to not be a hybrid with a dock.  I think this would be a big mistake and could cause me not to buy it.

Super Mario Odyssey came out 3 years ago.  It’s time for the sequel.  I’m not a game developer, but it seems like it wouldn’t be all that difficult to make new levels.  Nintendo obviously put minimal effort into the Mario 3D collection, so I need them to give me a new 3D Mario game.  I’d be down for a completely new game with a new mechanic, but I’d also just be happy with a sequel.

There is another option that would satisfy my need for a Mario game.  That would be a new 2D Mario game.  The 3D games are amazing, but everyone knows what Nintendo can do with a solid side-scrolling platformer.  One key thing is that it can’t be made the same as New Super Mario Bros. Wii or U.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what bothered me about those two, but I did not like them.

Breath of the Wild 2 was announced and then they fell silent.  I’m not sure if I should expect it to come out this year or not.  On one hand, they already have all the assets for it.  That should make the production time much shorter than the first one.  On the other hand, I have no idea how much COVID has hampered work on it.  I need to know more and really expect we will hear something before the end of March.

I am not a huge Metroid Prime fan.  I own all three but have never beaten any of them.  I got close once, but then I had to go on a fetch quest and stopped playing.  Regardless, we know the game is in development.  We know they scrapped the entire thing and started over.  What we don’t know is when we will actually see it.  I hope, for all the Metroid Prime fans, that we will learn more soon.

These are my hopes and dreams.  I know deep down that Nintendo has something going on.  Right now, we just have to wait and see when they let us in on their big secrets.  .  I still believe there is a reason that they have released a Mario Game that will stop being sold at the end of March.  People say I am crazy to assume it means something, but soon they will see that I am right.

Even though Nintendo has not had any major recent releases, they have put out games.  At the end of last month, Pikmin 3 Deluxe came out and I was lucky enough to receive a review copy.  For my full thoughts, check out the report card wrote, but I will give the short of it.  The game is really good and worth the cost.  Especially if you did not play it on the WiiU. 

Nintendo made some slight adjustments to the controls.  The best of these is the ability to lock on to targets.  They also added side missions where you perform specific tasks as Olimar and Louie.  These additions add the value that makes it worth the full price tag.

This month, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is what we got.  I have only had a few hours with the game, so I don’t have a lot to say.  At this point, I am enjoying it.  I initially didn’t like playing as some of the characters, but I’ve grown to appreciate each of their play styles.  I have two more to unlock and I can’t wait to see how they play. 

The most exciting part of this game is finally getting the story that led up to Breath of the Wild.  I appreciate the little bit that I have seen and am optimistic about the rest.  My one complaint right now is that the voice acting could be better.  My full report card for the game should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Each month I try to bring light to a game I bought on super sale on the eShop.  This month, it is Supermash, developed by Digital Continue and available on all consoles.  When the game first came out, I was intrigued but couldn’t justify the $20 price tag.  When I found it on sale for $2, it was a no brainer.  After playing it for a while, I am glad I own it but would not recommend paying full price.

The game is based around your character finding an old gaming console that makes games.  You choose two game genres from six options and the game builds it.  As you play more, you will unlock characters, weapons, and enemies.  These games are procedurally generated based on your choices, which can be good or bad.  Some games feel very similar.  Some games focus 90% on only one of the genres you pick.  It warns you at the beginning that some games will be good, some bad, and some might be unfair.  Even though the games are sometimes bad, the concept is cool enough to keep me coming back.

To round out this month, I will be directing you to an NES game on the Nintendo Online Service.  I recommend everyone try out Wrecking Crew.  This was a launch title for the NES and stars Mario as a man on a wrecking mission.  Your job is to destroy the walls in each level while avoiding the enemies.  It feels similar to games like Donkey Kong and Burger Time.  This is not a title I expect people to play for hours, but just check it out.

And there you have it y’all.  Another month and all I have to talk much about is my hopes and dreams.  My hopes are that Nintendo will give us some news.  My dreams of an updated Switch Model.  Hopes and dreams, no real news.  Don’t worry Nintendo… we still love you, and we will wait for you.

Until next month, I’m Jonny Casino and this has been the MegaDads Nintendo MegaBits for November 2020

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