The Mega Dads 2021 Roadmap

We like to start every year at Mega Dads with an outlook as to what you, our audience, should come to expect from us in terms of content and initiatives. Last year we saw our biggest growth at MD both in terms of the volume of content we release as well as in engagement with you. We couldn’t be more thankful for the response to Mega Dads in 2020 and we want you to know we are very much full-steam ahead on the next phase of MD. The following is a roadmap for some of the things you should come to expect from us in the first few months of the year. This is by no means everything in the pipeline, but it definitely gives you a good idea of where we’re headed.

Game of the Year Coverage

Beginning January 4th We will launch our coverage of the “Best Games of 2020” with the Game of the Year episode of Mega Dads Live where Adam and John will reveal their picks in typical Mega Dads fashion. After that each member of Team Mega Dads will be providing their individual Game of the Year lists, as well as some personal selections for outstanding categories in game achievement for the year 2020. All the best of gaming in 2020 will be declared in an entire week of tribute to a truly excellent year in video games.

Mega Dads on YouTube

2021 will be the year where Mega Dads go full steam ahead into video programming. With a wide variety of programs, Mega Dads on YouTube is not just another gaming channel. You won’t find reactions, unboxings, or theory videos. Instead you will get highly produced original programming created by our team to deliver evergreen content centered around the world of video games, popular culture and parenting. Throughout the year we will continue to provide new episodes of your favorite shows such as Player 1, Cooking with Casino and Mix as well as introduce brand new programs such as Grudge Match and Watch This! We are also excited to bring Berto’s Stream Team archives to their own playlist on Mega Dads YouTube as well as our highly regarded Mega Dads Report Cards.

We hope you’re excited about this new dimension of Mega Dads content because we are all in on bringing you the greatest video content around. So subscribe to and get familiar with the wide variety of shows already available while you prepare for the next phase.

Team Mega Dads Lineup for 2021

Meet the Mega Dads class of 2021. We’ve once again expanded our team and are positioning ourselves to take your digital spaces by storm. As we look to the future we wanted to make sure we weren’t just doing more, but doing more with purpose and a focus on quality. Each member of Team Mega Dads will have a specific role (or roles) going forward so that we are sure to be providing the best coverage and content that we can. We will do this by focusing on our strengths of each member of the team and delivering content not only suited to our areas of expertise, but also that allows our individual personalities to shine. We want you to get to know each member of the team and to be able to identify exactly the kind of content we each turn out. And what better place to start than with our two brand new editions to Team Mega Dads?

Brandon Wilson comes to us as a longtime co-host of the now defunct video game podcasts, OK Beast and Pixel Pulse Radio. He has several years and hundreds of podcast episodes under his belt and can be considered something of an indie podcast veteran. When we were looking to broaden our reach in 2021 we wanted to be sure we brought in key players who could fit into specific roles at Mega Dads and Brandon is one of these two players. Brandon will be putting his podcasting expertise to work for us when he launches a brand new monthly podcast as part of the Mega Dads network of shows.

Will Schulz has been a guest contributor for Mega Dads this last year and will be stepping in to provide reviews full-time as a member of the crew. As the team looks to branch out into new content such as new video series and podcasts, we knew we needed a solid writer to step in to make sure our reviews were as plentiful and as polished as they ever were. Will is a fantastic writer and every one of his contributions in 2020 were so good that it made Will the obvious choice to be the next reviews editor for Mega Dads.

Our ALL-NEW Monthly Podcast

Our brand new monthly podcast is called “Mega Dads Checkpoint” and it will be hosted by one of our newest team members, Brandon Wilson. Fresh off his tenure at OK Beast, Brandon will be bringing his own spin and his voice to the Mega Dads family of podcasts in this show which will serve as a halfway point through the month to bridge the gap between episodes of Mega Dads Live. Brandon will be joined every month by a rotating cast of Dads from our team as they discuss video games and dad life from a different angle than what you may hear from Adam and John. There will be familiar segments for fans of MDL and brand new ones as well. We are very excited to hear Brandon take Mega Dads podcasting in a whole new direction when Checkpoint begins early 2021!

The Future of Mega Dads Outreach

Mega Dads Outreach has evolved a lot since it was first created. We’ve broadened our charitable work to include organizations such as Extra Life, Toys For Tots, United Way and Everytown for Gun Safety. In addition to our fundraising events we created an activism branch of Outreach this last election cycle by recruiting many prominent voices in the video game industry to get out the vote. In looking ahead to our next initiatives we wanted to do something similar by recognizing that doing good doesn’t have to be limited to raising funds. We realized that we have an opportunity to use our voices for good and to spread awareness about issues we care about. So this year we are going to dedicate the entire month of May to promoting good mental health with the next Outreach initiative, Brain Space. We look forward to having conversations and community events that increase your awareness of things that you can do to make sure you have a strong and healthy state of mind.

In addition to Brain Space we will also be having our second annual charity golf game for Father’s Day. Last year we raised money to help those affected by COVID-19 by playing Everybody’s Golf together and it was a lot of fun for a great cause. Please look forward to more information about this event when we get closer to tee time.

MD+ in 2021

Mega Dads Plus is a membership program that helps us maintain the programming that we do at Mega Dads while investing in things like new equipment and materials. 100% of the funding we receive through Mega Dads Plus goes right back into Mega Dads to ensure that we’re creating the best content we can. Just recently, your membership dollars helped us to invest in brand new audio and recording equipment which has improved the quality of the audio on our podcasts as well as reducing our editing time substantially.

Every so often we revise and tweak the program to reflect our current goals and aspirations, and 2021 will be no different. Mega Dads grew substantially in 2020 and we have even bigger goals in the new year, meaning the need for support is greater than ever. In the coming weeks you can look forward to some adjustments to MD+ including some changes to the membership perks as well as new milestones and goals for the program.

2021 will mark the seventh year of Mega Dads and we’ve seen a lot of changes and evolution over the years. We are very confident in where we are taking things and 2021 will continue to grow our universe much like we did in 2020. We are dedicated to being the premiere spot for gamers of a certain age to come and celebrate the things that make them feel young again. So if you’re a mom, a dad, a bachelor or bachelorette, we welcome you to Mega Dads 2021. It’s going to be a great year.

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