The Arcade Scene Lives on With Arcade 1up

Written by Adam Leonhardt

Growing up in the eighties arcades were a huge part of my upbringing. I can remember countless trips with the family to local arcades like Circus Circus, Showbiz, and of course every self-respecting Mall had an arcade as well. While todays arcades do exist, they tend to exist more as bar hybrids than houses of gaming. It’s hard to find the same atmosphere that I experienced as a kid where I could squad up with my friends to jump into a game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
But thankfully the folks over at Arcade 1up have people like me covered. Arcade 1up supplies replica arcade cabinets to the masses fitted with our favorite games from yesteryear, so that nostalgia fueled players like myself can recreate the arcade scene from the comfort of my own house. Last year I was gifted my favorite arcade machine from my youth by my wife and kids for my fortieth birthday. This TMNT arcade cabinet sits comfortably in the Mega Dads studio so that after a long day of editing podcasts or youtube videos, I can unwind by battling the evil minions of the Foot Clan and scarf down some digital pizza with my kids.

Today at the digital CES event, the folks at Arcade 1up unveiled their latest line of arcade machines and it’s enough to make a middle aged player drool. The new lineup includes a multitude of classic style arcade cabinets as well as a slick looking Pong Pub Table with inset tabletop screen and four-player control setup. Each of these units houses a healthy game collection that would be a match made in heaven for any home-brew arcade. Here are just a few highlights shown off today at CES.

X-Men 4 Player Cabinet

This arcade much like my TMNT cabinet is fitted with a four player control panel so that everyone in the family can get in on the Marvel super-hero fun. Included in this unit are three Konami brawlers featuring your favorite heroes:
-Captain America and the Avengers
-and The Avengers in Galactic Storm
As someone who owns one of these 4 player cabinets I have to say the only thing more fun than replaying these classics is doing it with my entire family. This is a must own.

Street Fighter II Legacy Edition

The Street Fighter II Legacy Edition is a beast of an arcade machine ensuring that you and your arcade patrons will be pumping imaginary coins for hours on end. The Legacy Edition comes with 12 of Capcom’s biggest and best arcade offerings including:
-Street Fighter
-Street Fighter II: World Warrior
-Street Fighter Turbo
-Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
-Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
-Final Fight
-Ghost n Goblines
and 1944

Pong Pub Table

What better way to create your own barcade experience right at home than with a 4 player pub table to challenge your friends (as soon as we can have friends over again)? Just please don’t forget the coasters. This slick looking pub table houses 8 classic Atari games that will provide the perfect party entertainment while also being the coolest piece of furniture in your house. Games included are:
-Quadra Pong
-Pong Doubles
-Pong Sports
-Circus Atari
and Super Breakout

These are only three of the new arcade machines unveiled today and I don’t know about you but I want them all. Go check out for the rest of the new lineup as well as other great machines you can buy right now. Thanks to Arcade 1up, the arcade scene is very much alive and well. Now… it’s time to rearrange some furniture…

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