PlayStation Mega Bits: January 2021

Written by Adam Leonhardt

We’re back after taking a month off for the holidays! PlayStation Mega Bits is rested up and ready to go with great big news in a small package. We hope you have had a wonderful 2021 so far and have been able to play plenty of games during the break. There isn’t much time to rest as all the game studios are poised to begin the Spring-time push with new and exciting titles on your favorite console. So without any delay, it’s time to play.

The Reunion Continues

If you’ve been following along with Final Fantasy VII Remake then you know that without spoiling anything, the ending of that game opens many doors to where the future of this franchise is headed. We may have the first glimpse of this with a set of new trademark registrations from Square Enix. While trademarks don’t make the sexiest headlines there is definitely some tea leaf reading going on in this case as Square Enix has registered titles such as “The First Soldier” and “Ever Crisis”, alluding to something in the works centered around the character of Zack and possibly Sephiroth.

It’s tough to tap-dance around narrative specifics without edging into spoiler territory for Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we do want to give you some meat on the bone here so I’ll simply say that both of these characters were given shocking narrative treatments in Remake that leave the door open to exploring their stories much further in games to come.

With the future of the Remake franchise completely up in the air it’s hard to discern if Square Enix intends to offer a subtitle to the next chapter in the series such as “Ever Crisis”, if this will end up being a spinoff game to the 2020 title, or if perhaps they will continue to provide animated film supplements to their franchises much like they’ve been doing with films like Advent Children and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Either way I’m chomping at the bit for more information about where this property is headed as Remake was my number 2 Game of the Year for 2020.

It may be a while before we find out about the next chapter of Zack, Sephiroth and company as Square Enix already has Final Fantasy XVI on the docket for release this year. I won’t hold my breath for either of these to be honest. But hey, I’m perfectly ready to be surprised.


Capcom continued with their sweetheart deals with the PlayStation family this last week when they dropped their Resident Evil Showcase. New gameplay reveals for upcoming Resident Evil games were on display including a frightening look at the 8th chapter of the saga as well as an included multiplayer game titled Re:Verse which will be bundled with copies of Resident Evil 8 upon release. That release by the way was given a street date of May 7th for both PlayStation 5 as well as PS4 with a free path to upgrade to the current gen consoles once you find one in your possession. The PlayStation nod was given in regards to a brand new playable teaser for Resident Evil 8 titled Maiden which was made available for download on PlayStation 5 the same day as the showcase.

I played Maiden for myself just last night and can report to you that the tone being set for the next installment of this series is a bloody mix of the mysterious terror found in 2017’a Resident Evil 7 and the setting of the classic Resident Evil 4. A dark gothic castle is the setting of Maiden which challenges you to escape a dark and desolate dungeon by any means necessary while the mysterious evils of the keep surround you at every turn.

As a PlayStation 5 game this demo is quite a showcase. The graphics are absolutely astounding running in the RE Engine. Impressive architecture and lighting are on display in full force as you explore the castle. From stone relieved tapestries to gothic golden trim work in the halls of hell you will definitely find yourself marveling at your surroundings. And take it from me that for maximum chills you will definitely want to play this with a good pair of headphones on. Footsteps, clanking chains and distant whispers are all represented in fantastic surround sound all doing their part to fill your pants with poo.

If you have yourself of PS5 definitely give this a download and a play. It only lasts about 10 minutes depending on how much you take in your surrounding or how fast you try to find the exit. But it gives you a great taste of what is in store this May when we continue the story of Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 8.


A strange little story here out of PlayStation about the curious case of disappearing release dates. PlayStation showcased a trailer of upcoming games at the recently held all digital CES and caught a lot of peoples attention when they unveiled release dates for several of their most anticipated PlayStation 5 games. They made an even bigger splash however quickly afterwards when they removed all traces of this ever happening by removing these release dates from the trailer’s text. So the question presents itself was this all an error or is PlayStation just not ready yet to make these announcements official?

It’s been a while since PlayStation has released a State of Play and I have gone on the record saying that it would seem like we’re just about due. With Spring fast approaching and several games in the lineup all vying for a spot in 2021, it would be reasonable to assume that something is going to need to take that early 2021 spot. Many people speculate that Ratchet and Clank is the most obvious choice there as we’ve seen the most from that title in regards to the PlayStation blockbusters slated for release this year. So is Sony gearing up for another State of Play and will that include release dates for these titles? It’s anyone’s guess but my money is on us hearing from them sooner rather than later.

Some of the release dates which were written in disappearing ink are as follows:
– Kena: Bridge of Spirits: March 2021
– Little Devil Inside: June 2021
– Solar Ash: July 2021
– Stray: October 2021
– Ghostwire Tokyo: October 2021
– Project Athia: January 2022

Take these with as much salt as needed. But nevertheless this serves as a reminder that PlayStation isn’t messing around when it comes to their slate of titles releases in the next year. These don’t even include Horizon: Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, God of War: Ragnaraok or Final Fantasy XVI which are all currently scheduled for release this year. Wow.


I’ve done a terrible thing. I feel like I haven’t been pushing Genshin Impact on my followers and followers of Mega Dads in a way that this game truly deserves. I initially downloaded this game on my PS4 before the generational transition and found it to be a breathtaking if not overly complicate open world RPG that was charming but yet discardable amongst the holiday blockbusters. Well after the announcement of Version 1.3 I can happily report that I am so deep into this game once again that I am ashamed I haven’t sung its praises more.

Genshin Impact is a living breathing blend of Breath of the Wild and old school Final Fantasy in all the best ways possible. A giant fantasy realm is yours to explore in this free to play game that absolutely dazzles me every time I play it. I was up late last night in fact leveling up my characters and exploring new lands with my party of knights. I’ll be sure to cover this game extensively on the next episode of Mega Dads Live.

The recently announced version titled “All that Glitters” introduces a host of new events gameplay mechanics, characters and enemies to introduce into the world. Something that a game like this needs to thrive. The overwhelming success of Genshin Impact across all platforms is a good sign that this game world will continue to grow and provide new and exciting experiences for players dedicated to staying with it. All that Glitters truly is a showcase of how successful games as service really put their best foot forward in order to earn loyalty from their players.

Genshin Impact is a free to play game that really does it right. I’ve put nearly 20 hours into this experience and have yet to even be asked to pay a dime. I’m enjoying it immensely and you can be sure you’ll be seeing and hearing much more about this game on Mega Dads in the very near future. All that Glitters releases February 3rd.


Finally while there is virtually zero PSVR news to bring you this month I wanted to take this time to remind you that we are getting a brand new release in just a few short days with our PlayStation Plus memberships in Destruction AllStars. Make sure your subscriptions are current and you’re ready to rock because I am very excited to smash you up in this colorful competitive multiplayer game which is yet another exclusive to the PlayStation family.

Destruction AllStars seems to blend the colorful character based charm of games like Overwatch and Apex Legends and puts them in a vehicular combat setting to provide a smashing good time. Look for it as your February download with your PlayStation Plus membership.

Finally every month here on PlayStation Mega Bits my son Elliott and I recommend a game that we think you absolutely HAVE to play on your PlayStation console. This month we are spotlighting Fortnite. I know, I know. It’s a game that’s been covered to death but Elliott and I have been up to our eyeballs this season after sitting the last one out and he is having a blast with it and I am loving the inclusion of licensed characters like Predator and the Mandalorian. It’s an easy recommend for anyone on ANY platform but of course it’s best to play on PS5 with the adaptive triggers feeling oh so satisfying with every squeeze of the trigger.

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