PlayStation Mega Bits: February 2021

Welcome everyone to another month of Mega Bits. The world of PlayStation continues to grow and while PS5 consoles are still at a shortage thanks to the one-two punch of chip shortages and scalper mayhem, more and more players are enjoying the best video game experiences brought to you by PlayStation. It’s been another big month of news and rumors from the house that Sony built and I’ve been working hard to round it all up to bring it you right here on PlayStation Mega Bits. So let’s get right to it and deliver you all the latest and greatest. So without further delay, it’s time to play.


Insomniac Studios, hot on the heels of one of the biggest holiday releases in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, are nearly ready to deliver the latest installment of their flagship series in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. This sequel to the popular sci-fi action series is perhaps the most anticipated PlayStation 5 game of the year. Set to take true advantage of the power of the SSD, Ratchet & Clank will blast through endless waves of alien scoundrels while taking advantage of temporal anomalies that will instantly warp them across the map and across the galaxy.

Insomniac is being credited with implementing the instant load time capabilities of the PS5 hardware right into the core of the gameplay design of Rift Apart. This game is perhaps the first in the PS5 stable that truly could only be achieved on the new architecture. And much like the lightning fast load times of the game, Ratchet & Clank will be playable in your hands before you know it. A release date and pre-order for Ratchet & Clank was made available with the game dropping on June 11th.


There’s trouble in paradise for the DualSense controller. The PlayStation 5 has put a lot of its chips on the high tech controller, even designing a game entirely around the enhanced feature set of the device. But it appears that the dreaded case of joystick drift which has plagued the Nintendo Switch since its launch may very well be effecting players across the spectrum. Reports of drift have been spreading across the Internet since news of a class action lawsuit being brought against Sony were announced.

While the issue certainly doesn’t seem to be nearly as pervasive as the Joycon troubles, it remains to be seen just how bad this issue will get for Sony. I personally had never heard of any issues until this passed week and I don’t know anyone who owns a PS5 to have these issues, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there and with the young life of this new console obviously this would be an issue that only makes itself more known with time. Are the DualSense controllers another victim of cheap hardware design like the Joycons? Or is this just a case of unlucky players getting faulty units? I’d like to know what your experience is in the comments below or you can tweet us @TheMegaDads.


It’s almost time to assemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once again. Square-Enix has announced that the long-awaited upgraded version of Marvel’s Avengers is finally ready for prime-time. Players will be able to purchase the PS5 edition or upgrade their PS4 copy free of charge on March 18th alongside the brand new campaign featuring Hawkeye the archer. Hawkeye is the second free roster update for Avengers following Kate Bishop’s DLC chapter back in December.

In my opinion Square-Enix really needs to step up the communication on this game as players were promised a steady stream of announcements, character drops and additives to the action adventure game. Obviously COVID-19 shoulders some of the blame here for the delay in release but as a games-as-service title, Avengers has been woefully underwhelming with its content roadmap. With the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man nowhere to be seen since being announced six months ago and a Black Panther tease all but confirming his addition to the game, players like me are beginning to lose faith and interest in the endgame of Avengers.

The updates are free however and Kate Bishop’s story content was worth a playthrough. So I’ll for certain be downloading Avengers on my PlayStation 5 and giving this a play. I truly hope that the future of Avengers however is brighter than what has been delivered so far.


The Silent Hill rumor mill is in overdrive with multiple sources indicating a return to the haunted town is imminent. Hot off the release of The Medium, which is a suspense horror title influenced by Silent Hill, two creators who worked on that project for Bloober Team have both given clues that a new iteration of the classic horror title is in the works. Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno, revealed that the studio has been working on a horror title with a “very famous publisher” for well over a year. While series composer Akira Yamaoka who also composed music for Bloober Team’s The Medium indicated that his next project would be revealed this Summer and that he thinks it’s the one that fans have been hoping for.

In addition to that there is also a rumor being heavily circulated that Konami has outsourced a Silent hill reboot to a prominent Japanese developer. This of course has the internet buzzing about a possible revival of perhaps Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project. Of course none of this is confirmed and there have been Silent Hill revival rumors ever since Kojima was expelled from Konami so many years ago. But it really seems like this might finally be what horror fans have been hoping for, and if both of these rumors are true it would mean that there are in fact two separate Silent Hill projects in development simultaneously.


Finally in the news I wanted to call your attention to some new additions to the PlayStation Gear shop. Sony has added a host of new themed merchandise for everyone on your shopping list. The apparel line is especially stylish if not a little bit on the pricey and niche side. But hey, if you’re the kind of person who has room in your closet for a PlayStation themed Ski Suit, I say treat yo’ self. There are a few themed shops that I found really cool including the Horizon shop which has everything from themed Tees to travel mugs to a vinyl soundtrack set that I would love to add to my collection some day. I just scored myself a PlayStation One themed shirt for myself and a Watcher POP Vinyl for Elliott’s collection. So if you’re like me and enjoy surrounding yourself with cool things that celebrate your favorite place to play head on over to and buy yourself something nice.


That’s right we’re back with PSVR news this month. While it certainly has been bread crumbs from Sony in regards to the future of VR on PlayStation we recently were treated to an announcement for Stride, a first person free running game that seems to be heavily inspired by EA cult classic, Mirror’s Edge. Stride has you running and leaping across rooftops and dispatching enemies with your firearms in what looks to be a crazy high octane action experience. Much like Mirror’s Edge the environments are a clean white aesthetic with bright colored key points that indicate where there are ledges to grab hold of, or platforms to leap for.

The trailer for Stride indicates multiple game modes which appear to give the game a more arcade like presentation. This seems like the kind of game where you and your friends will be competing to get the best run or the best score and not necessarily a narrative driven game. This could very well be this year’s Pistol Whip go-to action VR game for me. I’m very excited to hear more about Stride and even more excited to get my hands on it when it releases sometime this year.

Adam recommends

Every month on PlayStation Mega Bits we come at you with a game recommendation that we think you should be playing and this month I want to talk about Control Ultimate Edition. I originally played Control on my Xbox One X and the experience was rocky to say the least. Janky frame rates and weird glitches were prominent in my time with Control and ultimately that paired with a difficulty curve that proved too much for me caused me to put the game down after about five hours or so. But with February’s PlayStation Plus included game downloads not only was I able to download Control at no extra cost to my PS5, but it’s the Ultimate Edition with all the added DLC offerings and none of the jank.

Playing Control on my PS5 is like an entirely different experience. The visuals are gorgeous with amazing reflective surfaces and better lighting, the DualSense implementation is great with adaptive triggers for the service weapon and subtle rumble as the heroine Jesse walks across the tiled floors of The Old House. But of course the fact that this game offers the Control experience with none of the horrendous slowdown that plagued the original release and a map that you can actually see when you pull it up means I can finally play through this game without feeling frustrated by performance issues. In addition to that now that I’ve spent more time with it in a more stress-free way, I’ve dug into the options and discovered that there are adjustments to be made to the gameplay to make the experience easier as well. So I’m loving my time with Control Ultimate Edition and if you’re a PlayStation Plus member you have no excuse not to give this a try.

Elliott recommends

Destruction All-Stars! This was a surprise game. It’s also available on your PlayStation Plus membership at no extra charge. The point of this game is it’s kind of like a racing game except you crash into each other and don’t actually race. It’s really fun and I like the character Blue Fang because he has a big tiger head.

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