Nintendo Mega Bits: April 2021

I’m Jonny Casino and this is the MegaDads Nintendo MegaBits for April 2021.

Once again, it’s been another slow month in the world of Nintendo.  You’d think that I would just get used to this.  I’m not exactly sure what I expect each month, but I know I haven’t seen it in a while.  I think any real news would be appreciated.  I’m not even asking for something that will blow the world away. 

The main thing we got this month was a Nindie Showcase.  It was far from exciting, but there are some highlights.  I’ve done my best to go through and pick out some interesting parts of the show.  Now let’s dive into this.

Road 96 is a first-person, procedurally generated, road trip game.  It seems that you play someone who is trying to escape your country and get to the border.  The craziest thing about this game is that you get to make many decisions and they will drastically change how each play through goes.  This game is on my list to play when it comes out this summer. 

Never Yield, from Arial Knights, is a narrative runner.  I’m not sure how the narrative part will work, but the runner part looks fantastic.  I love Runner 3, and this looks like a hyped-up version of that with a hip-hop twist.  As with the Runner series, your character will run forward while you make him jump, slide, and dodge obstacles.  The overall look of the game is nice, but I’m not sure it’s a game for me.

Last Stop is a single-player third-person narrative adventure game from Annapurna Studios.  If you enjoy a game with a crazy story, this one could be for you.  You play as three different characters, whose lives intertwine.  The studio says it is three stories in one, but who knows how it’ll play out.  Games like this either hit hard with some emotional story or flop trying.  We will find out this July.

OlliOlli World, the next game in the OlliOlli series, is coming out this winter.  I’ve never put much time into any of these games, but I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve played.  They have never had the skateboarding feel I want.  They are basically runner games with extra points for completing combos.  If I don’t have a big game I’m playing, I’ll grab this when it comes out.

Cris Tales, From Modus Games, is a classic JRPG with a twist.  The art has a beautiful cartoon look.  The twist in the game is the ability to jump around in time.  I don’t know how this will fully play out, but it’s a cool concept.  The real crazy part will be jumping in time during the combat.  I am not a JRPG fan, so I will be passing on this one.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods is an action-adventure game coming out this Fall.  This game looks to be fast-paced and filled with combos and special moves.  You play as a young woman who must take on forgotten gods.  Along with the battles, I have no doubt we will learn a lot about the Aztecs and the Gods that ruled over them.  Games like these will hook me if I am able to be quickly drawn in by the combat, otherwise, I get bored fast.  I am looking forward to people’s opinions of this when it comes out.

Skul: The Hero Slayer is a Rogue Lite action platformer.  Overall, the game trailer makes the game look fun.  What makes this game stand out is that you are able to find different skulls to swap out.  Each one changes the power your character has.  I’m not exactly sure why, but this seems like an amazing idea to me.  I’m looking forward to this coming out this summer.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals was the most exciting announcement.  I loved Oxenfree and can’t wait to play more.  These games are point-and-click narrative adventures with a bit of spookiness to them.  The original never made me scared, but I had an eerie feeling the entire time.  I will pick this up when it comes out later this year.

The Longing is a “point-and-click idle adventure game” that has been on PC for around a year.  It was released on the Switch the day of the Nindie Showcase.  In the game, you play as Shade, who looks like Mr. Burns covered in ash, and your job is to wake up the king in 400 days.  Yep… you just need to wait around for 400 days.

I decided to grab The Longing right away, but it took me some time to start it.  I have now put about 3 hours into it, and I honestly want to be playing it all the time.  This is not a game for everyone but let me explain why it has hooked me.  Let me explain why I am willing to wait 400 real-time days to get through this game.

When you start the game, there is a clock at the top.  It moves in real-time.  I am not sure what would happen if I changed the time on my Switch and I don’t feel like trying that.  While awaiting the right time to awaken the king, you just get to explore the caves.  If you don’t want to explore, you can sit in your home area and read, paint, or make music. 

There is no map, but, if you find a place you want to come back to, you can mark it as a memory and return later.  This comes in handy when you reach a cliff and need to wait a month for the moss to grow enough to pad your fall.  Other situations I’ve seen are a door that’ll take two weeks to open and a puddle that will take a month to fill.  Each of these intrigues me and makes me need to know what’s on the other side.

There are ways to make the time go by faster.  The more you decorate your home area, the faster time goes while there.  You must find paper in order to paint more.  Reading one of the books will make the time go by faster.  They have real books you can read while Shade is sitting in his chair.  One of these books is Moby Dick.  You can read the entirety of Moby Dick while playing the game.

Another way to speed up time is to make a fire in your home area.  You have to find coal and flint first, but that happened relatively fast.  I have no idea what the max speed is, but I have been able to get up to 10X speed at times.  When I am not sitting around, I tell Shade to walk to a random place.  Sometimes I’ll turn the game off and he’ll be there when I boot back up.

As I said, this game is not for everyone, but it has me hooked.  I enjoy just walking around and seeing what new sights there are.  I enjoy the random comments that Shade makes.  These are often depressing comments, but that works for me right now.  If this sounds at all enjoyable, then you need to give it a try.

There Is No Game is a puzzle game that has been out on PC for a year or so.  It came out on Switch the day of the showcase.  I love puzzle games and had to grab it.  It’s a little difficult to describe the game.  There is someone that is talking to you and taunting you.  They, whatever they are, are trying to convince you that there is no game here.

The goal is to get through to this being.  Doing so requires you to open doors, unlock programs on a computer, and things like that.  It’s always obvious what the final action needs to be but getting there is a difficult task.  You might have to find a key, drop a heavy object to knock something loose, or play pinball.  Each action will reward you with an object that will help you with the next action. 

This is a difficult one to recommend to everyone.  The puzzles are difficult, even early on, and I am stuck right now.  They have hints, but these don’t always help.  If you are big into puzzle games, this is a good get.  It is perfect for Switch because you can play with a controller, but touch controls work the best. 

This has not been an all-inclusive list of games shown in the Nindie Showcase.  I recommend you go and watch it because there is potentially something there for you that I haven’t mentioned.  The showcase wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was worth watching.

New Pokemon Snap will be out at the end of this month.  I’m hopefully optimistic about enjoying the game.  If nothing else, it’ll be a chill experience and an easy way to pass time.  I won’t be the one who reviews it, but I will give my impressions next month.

Well, fellow Nintendo fans, this has been the month of April.  Not a lot has happened and I’m sure that trend will continue until their E3 presentation.  Even with not much going on, I was able to find a couple games that I’ve happily added to my library. 

Until next month, I’m Jonny Casino, and this has been the MegaDads Nintendo Mega Bits for April 2021. 

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