The Mega 5: Things To Do That Aren’t Video Games

You know what’s great? Video games. Do you know why? They can fulfill almost every need. Wanna be social in a time of social distancing? Video games. Had a rough day and need to vent? Video games. Other stuff? Video games.

While games can do just about everything, why not mix things up bit? There are a plethora of other activities that can help get you off the couch and break you out of your rut. Why wait for a storm to knockout power? Or for a beloved console to finally bite the dust? Here are the top five activities to do that aren’t video games.

You were already thinking it, you just needed the validation to sneak away and go ham on your hog. I mean honestly, when was the last time you did something just for you? Replace your plastic joystick for one made of meat.

Even though we spent most of the year stuck inside, somehow home-life seemed busier than ever. Sure I technically talk to my wife everyday, but its not so much a conversation as a data exchange between a pair of sentient calendars. What should the kids be doing on zoom? How much time before the next Zoom? Why did I walk around in my underwear during that last Zoom? It sucks.

Honestly, making time to check-in with your romantic partner can be the most relaxing thing you do all day. I bet you might not even remember the last conversation you had that didn’t involve a to-do list. I can even help get you started, repeat after me…”Hey honey, how are you? What was your day like?” Get into the habit and pretty soon you’ll be excited to chat, you’ll instinctively vomit word salad at each other. Pro-tip, talk enough and you might not even need number five on the list.

Long ago, in the before times. There were these things…like toilet paper… but with words written on them. Bikes? No…Boogers? No…Bayeks. Not right either…Books? Yeah books. Books are a collection of words on paper that come together to tell a story. Sound boring? Well sometimes they include pictures. Still boring? Just imagine being in on the ground floor of the next hot Netflix movie or show and being able to say “the book was better.”

These days reading can be an extension of your video game fandom. Loved the Witcher 3? Dive deeper into the world by reading through Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher books that inspired the games. Same with Mass Effect, Halo, Gears of War, the list goes on. Give that imagination muscle a work out and let the words shape the world in your mind. Really lazy? Well, even heavily illustrated graphic novels count as reading so let the artists paint an image for you.

I unabashedly love board games and table top games as much as their digital counter parts. Much like reading, these can serve as an auxiliary way of consuming the I.P. you love. Gone are the days that you had to choose between an 8 hour game of Monopoly or a 12 hour game of Risk. There is much more variety now. The past few years have seen table-top games featuring games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodbourne and Gears of War.

There are tons of options from cooperative to competitive games, and every genre from deck building to strategy. You can’t go wrong with a silly party game like Exploding Kittens. One of my favorite things to do is break out a copy of Evolution to play with my wife and kids, or if you want to play something quick try Trash Pandas. You’ll find you get the same type of rush from taking down your kids’ last Battleship as you do a raid boss in Destiny.

But Nick!? What’s the difference between “getting to know yourself” and straight up removing a layer of skin off your member? To put it simply…time. One is about getting in and out as efficiently as possible, going to those tried and true inspirations and getting the job done.

Alternatively, try to really explore and take your time. Get everything just right: dim the lights, set the mood, light a candle or make a sandwich. This isn’t a race. You have no place to be other than right there… in the moment. Explore new videos, try different techniques, or really turn the volume up on the whole situation . Just make sure the house is empty first.

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