PlayStation Mega Bits: May 2021

We’re knocking on the door of the Summer Games reveal season with E3 and Summer Game Fest both arriving before the next episode of PlayStation Mega Bits. This typically means that there aren’t a lot of big news stories to comb through as Sony is holding their cards close to their chests before the tradition of big reveals in June. But don’t worry because here at Mega Dads we’ve still got a hot episode of Mega Bits right out of the oven . We’re going to be bringing you the latest news, some cool games we’ve been playing and for fun we’re going to get some Summer Game Fest predictions from Elliott to wrap up the show. And since it’s almost summer time and we’re getting ready for Summer Game Fest, we’re doing this episode of PSMB at the beach with our pal Astro. So without any further delay, it’s time to play!

25 Games on the Way

The PlayStation 5 believe it or not is now 6 months old and we’ve already seen some incredible gaming experiences on the platform. Loads of fantastic next gen experiences like Spider-Man Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls and Returnal have been coming out steadily for the PS5 and we’re but weeks away from the all-new Ratchet and Clank. Well it appears that Sony has no intention of letting up on this steady stream of amazing games headed our way. Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios recently told Wired magazine that there are no less than 25 new games in active development for the PlayStation 5 from in house studios. In addition to that nearly half of those are going to be brand new intellectual properties for Sony.

This is pretty amazing for a couple of reasons so let’s break this down. Firstly, one thing that I frequently point out here at Mega Dads is that PlayStation did an unbelievable job of introducing us to new flagship properties this previous generation. The PS4 introduced us to Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone Spider-Man and many more brand new franchises. It is clearly a top priority for PlayStation to continue to inject the brand with new faces and experiences rather than just being a sequel factory and that’s a big deal. To hear that nearly half of the games in development from Worldwide Studios are all new properties is very exciting.

Secondly it cannot be understated how dedicated the folks at Sony are to ensuring that we continue to see a steady flow of new games and experiences throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. We simply have to give the folks at PlayStation incredibly recognition for being able to continue to operate at such a high capacity during the events of the last year plus. While certainly factory shortages and scalpers have made it exceedingly difficult for players to get their hands on PS5 hardware, the designers and programmers working at PlayStation obviously continue to operate at an incredible pace to deliver new games with minimal delays.

The Future of Dual Sense

If you own a PlayStation 5 then you already know the awesome enhanced gaming experience you can have with the DualSense controller. Games like Returnal and Astro’s Playroom have given players a bit of sensory overload by creating sensations that compliment the visuals and enhanced 3D audio of the PlayStation 5. While some naysayers will try to interject that the DualSense experience is going to be another fad, Sony is not backing down from showcasing just what this controller is capable of and a recent Blog post illustrates how some developers are making use of the features of the controller. Some of the highlights from the article that I found interesting were Subnautica’s metal detector, Kena’s bow, and Ratchet and Clanks… everything. Allow me to explain.

In Subnautica players explore an alien ocean with sensors which utilize spatial haptics in the DualSense. What this means is that your controller will pulsate at varying speeds, intensities and directions to cue the player to where their treasures are located. Subtle vibrations on the left side of your controller will tell you you need to turn left, and as you get close to the object your controller’s vibration will increase in intensity. Pretty cool
The protagonist in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is armed with a bow and when you draw the weapon you will feel the tension in your line as you prepare to release your arrow at your target.
Ratchet and Clank appears to be another example of all around immersion like Astro as the developers at Insomniac make reference to everything from the slightest pulse as you collect bolts in the level, to modified vibration as Ratchet’s footsteps land on different surfaces and even utilizing the adaptive triggers for secondary modes of fire on your weapons. Pull the trigger until you meet resistance for a primary shot, but if you squeeze the trigger through that programmed resistance you will deploy your secondary mode of fire.

The DualSense is by far my favorite video game controller I’ve ever owned and the ways that developers are all finding unique ways to program it to provide different experiences across different games.

Animals Cross The Line

Tired of collecting seashells and planting flowers in your village in Animal Crossing? Are you getting just a little tired of Timmy and Tommy Nook never having anything cool in the shop? Is that penguin neighbor of yours getting under your skin and you secretly wish you could take a bazooka to their house? If so, first you should probably do some breathing exercises and relax. Second do I have a game for you. Super Animal Royale from Modus games is coming to PlayStation later this year and it is one of the most bonkers looking games I’ve seen in a while.

Players take control of one of 300 different animal species and engage in bloody warfare with 64 players battle royale style in this top down hand drawn fight to the top of the food chain. Each animal can wield a variety of weapons including everything from sniper rifles to hamster balls as they obliterate their cute and cuddly opponents. The folks at Modus are aiming for the absurd as the cute and colorful visuals clash with the brutal fight to the finish style of the gameplay. If you’re looking for something weird and hilarious to help with your Fortnite fatigue, check out Super Animal Royale when it launches for PS4 and PS5 later this year.

PlayStation is Ready for Summer

Finally in the news we have a very exciting announcement that PlayStation has officially signed on as part of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. Sony has notably been absent from E3 for the last several years now and with the ESA’s plans for E3 2021 excluding anything from PlayStation we were all waiting for word on whether or not Sony would align themselves with any of the big industry events of the Summer or if they would have plans of their own. Well we finally have our answer as Geoff Keighley has announced his partnership lineup for Summer Game Fest which kicks off on June 10th and PlayStation is among those listed.

Get ready for a massive event because PlayStation has a lot of lines in the water and we’re waiting on more details on a ton of previously announced games. We still have yet to see gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West and Final Fantasy XVI, and we’ve only seen a logo for the follow up to God of War. Sony has a lot up their sleeves and we fully expect them to come out swinging when it’s their turn to take the stage.

What are you most excited to see at Summer Game Fest? Leave us a comment and let us know!

The Power of PSVR2

Specs for the previously announced PSVR2 have reportedly been leaked and boy are we in for a powerful headset if these rumors are true. Sporting a 4K display, Inside-Out tracking and gaze imduced adaptable rendering we could be looking at a beast of a headset on the horizon. Sony has been steadily drip feeding the public news about the next iteration of the PSVR hardware for the last several months and with these specs being confirmed off-the-record by multiple sources it really seems like Sony is aiming for a more high end device this time around.

This is a good thing as many of the complaints made against the current iteration of PSVR has been the lower fidelity screen as well as the sub-par VR specific controllers. Both of these issues appear to be addressed with PSVR2 and many people are beginning to surmise that we are closer than we may have thought to an official reveal.

PlayStation has a rather large slate of VR games in the pipeline currently so I would probably put my money on a Fall announcement of the new hardware with a release sometime in 2022.

Play After the Fall Before this Fall

One of the games hitting PSVR this year is After the Fall. A zombie team-based shooter which seems to be heavily inspired by the acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. While we are getting a true spiritual successor to that series in this October’s Back 4 Blood, After the Fall takes the squad based zombie blast-a-thon into the VR space with this awesome looking game from the developers of Arizona Sunshine.

Vertigo Games recently dropped a gameplay trailer for After the Fall which shows our heroes blasting through waves of the undead in the gorgeous immersive Virtual Reality. The game takes place in a winter storm as you explore abandoned and dark cityscapes with a crew of survivors. Players are armed with a variety of weapons and puzzle solving tools as they fight for survival against both standard and special type zombies. This looks to be a great appetizer for Back 4 Blood since that game was delayed out of its initial window into the Fall. So make sure you play After the Fall this Summer, because after After the Fall when it’s Fall get your hands on Back 4 Blood for all your zombie slaying needs.

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