The 25 Greatest Nintendo 64 Games (25-21)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo 64. It is famous for being the console that revolutionized 3D graphics in gaming and proved that you could do 1st person shooters on a home console. Many consider it one of Nintendo’s best consoles due to the groundbreaking move to 3D and the amazing catalog of games that came with it.

We felt we couldn’t let this anniversary go by without a celebration, so we gathered the entire Mega Dads team to rank their 25 favorite games for the N64. We then gave a point value to each position on the list and averaged them out to create the definitive ranking! From Mario and Zelda to Pilotwings and Turok, the N64 had it all! Here are the 25 greatest Nintendo 64 games!

There’s not a lot of good that you can say about the Star Wars prequel movie series, and The Phantom Menace in particular is an embarrassing display of terrible writing , awful acting, and dated visual effects. But one of the few great things to come out of it was podracing. A thrilling sequence in the movie that took the ancient sport of chariot racing and strapped on giant rockets to propel the racers. As it turns out, this scene made for a great video game. Players take control of a host of alien pilots and race on tracks throughout the galaxy. The game has remained a favorite over the years and was recently ported to modern consoles for new Star Wars fans to discover. – John

The Nintendo 64 played host to three of Mario’s parties, but only number two is good enough to make the Mega Dads Top 25. Mario Party 2 features the friendship-testing gameplay we know, love, and sometimes hate, but what really sets the game apart from its siblings is its theming. Five of Mario Party 2’s six boards feature unique player costumes, item minigames, events, and more. Cowboy hats, pirate vests, and wizard robes don’t make Mario Party 2 an inherently better video game, but they do make it a more charming experience. The only thing Mario Party 2 lacks is Waluigi, but I’ll have to let that slide since he didn’t exist at the time. My wife and I play various Mario Party games on a regular basis, but we always find our way back to Mario Party 2. –Will

Extreme G was Acclaim’s answer to F-Zero.  It took fast paced racing, added weapons and power ups and a bangin’ soundtrack and threw it all together for an overall fun experience.  Each futuristic racing bike had a different weapon ranging from standard blasters to a constant firing laser as well as different stats that allowed for a lot of replayability to find the right fit.  The tracks had some pretty good designs and many felt like you were riding a roller coaster.

Extreme G had a multi-player component as well and while it didn’t have the draw of Mario Kart, it was an enjoyable alternative.  There were standard multi-player racing modes as well as deathmatch which was dizzying on the tracks that were available.  Overall, Extreme G was a worthy competitor to F-Zero X! –Jason

The premiere Mario sports game which sparked an entire legacy of Soccer, Tennis, Baseball and Olympic Games. Mario Golf started it all by dropping a handful of characters from the Mario-verse onto fantastic themed courses in a way that only Nintendo could.

Mario Golf had a blend of Mario themed characters as well as generic “human” characters to round out the cast. The execution in comparison to how these kinds of games do things may not stack up these days but the importance of what this game kicked off more than earns itself a spot on our list. -Adam

Originally meant to be a new Need For Speed game, developer Paradigm (Pilotwings 64) switched focus after publisher EA signed a deal to make a racing game based off of the Volkswagon Beetle. Beetle Adventure Racing was a personal favorite in our house for it’s quirky personality and inventive course design. Choosing between single race and championship, players would seek out crates hidden throughout the courses that would contain everything from points, to speed boosts, to special cheat crates which would unlock the cheat mode of the game. To this day (because we’re idiots), Adam and I will randomly shout to each other “Adventuuuuure Racing!”John

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