Summer Game Bang Preview: Planet of Lana

There were a lot of big, expensive AAA games revealed at the recent Summer Game Fest Kickoff event. If you were looking for the next blockbuster title, there was plenty to choose from. But if you know anything about my tastes in games then you know that frequently the games that get me the most excited are the smaller indie games that often times fly under the radar. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t recall Planet of Lana sandwiched in between the next big game from Gearbox and George RR Martin, but for me it was possibly the one that I found the most memorable.

Planet of Lana is the debut game from Swedish developer Wishfully Studios and is being published by Thunderful Publishing. It tells the story of Lana and her animal companion Mui, together the pair embark on a journey across a beautiful planet to save Lana’s sister. The sidescroller will feature platforming, stealth sequences, and puzzles as players journey through the world, avoiding bizarre monsters and mechanical beings who from the trailer, appear to have crash landed or invaded the planet. The trailer also hints at some companion mechanics that will have Lana and Mui working together to progress.

The quickest and easiest comparison to make based solely off of this trailer would be to the Ori series. A cinematic and emotional sidescroller with gorgeous visuals and a soaring music score, the game looks to hit many of the same notes as Ori did, but will hopefully have enough unique elements to avoid feeling like an imitation. One aspect of the game that does stand out are the beautiful, hand painted style of the visuals. Wishfully is going for an “interactive painting” look, and from what we’ve seen so far the style is quite effective. All the big budget graphical engines in the world can’t stand up to a game with stellar art design.

The game is still a ways off and there are a lot of indie games on the market right now, and it can be tough to stand out from the crowd, but so far Planet of Lana looks to be doing all of the right things to ensure that players pay attention when the game debuts on PC and Xbox in late 2022.

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