Summer Game Bang Preview: Forza Horizon 5

There are a few franchises which have become synonymous with Xbox over the years. Halo, Gears of War, and most definitely Forza. Last year when Microsoft announced their new Series X and S consoles, developer Turn10 announced the rebranding of their Forza Motorsport series and most people assumed that that game would be the next thig we play in the Forza series. So imagine my surprise when this weekend Playground Games (the other side of the Forza coin) announced that their next title Forza Horizon 5 was in fact set to release this November!

Set in gorgeous Mexico, the Horizon Festival is set to feature it’s most diverse set of locations in the series history. Using the game’s new expedition feature, you’ll be traveling the country and discovering new locations for the festival to expand to, like stunning beaches, deserts, lush jungles, ruins, and even atop a snow capped volcano. Each area also features dynamic weather events such as sandstorms and tropical storms to always keep racers on their toes. And of course this massive world is littered with challenges, stunts, races, and more to keep you playing for weeks on end.

Let’s not beat around the incredibly detailed bush though, as fantastic as this series plays, it’s even more amazing to look at. Seriously, this honestly has to be one of the most visually impressive games that I’ve ever seen. The team at Playground has created a photo realistic world that features everything from the tiniest details, like the needles on each cactus, to some jaw dropping vistas with draw distances that let you look out at the entire countryside. It also features something they’re calling Mexican HDR Sky which creates beautiful and ever changing lighting in the world. If you only watched the debut trailer during the Xbox live stream, do yourself a favor and go watch the 4K version (linked below). It’s ridiculous.

One of the coolest new features in Horizon Arcade which let’s you create all sorts of wild games to play with your friends, including one which has you hunting down piƱatas in the world and one which has you using your car to knock down enormous bowling pins. The replayability promises to be huge in Horizon 5, and that’s without considering what I’m sure will be some cool expansion which the series has become known for (like hot Wheels and LEGO themed packs).

Forza Horizon 5 is set to debut on November 9th on Series X/S, PC, and (somehow) Xbox One. Like all 1st party Xbox games it’ll also be included in Game Pass on day one and you can be sure that I’ll be on the starting line the second it’s available.

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