Summer Game Bang Preview: Coromon

Coromon is a monster-taming RPG in which you can catch and battle wild creatures, called Coromon, on a globe-trotting adventure. Let’s address your thoughts for a second. You’re thinking about Pokémon. I don’t blame you, I would be lying if I said the premier monster-taming RPG on the market wasn’t the first thing that crossed my mind. But after my sit-down with developer TRAGsoft, I can assure you that Coromon is more than the clone you and I so naively imagined.

The monster taming elements of Coromon are going to seem familiar to Pokémon fans at first, but Coromon sets itself apart with a complex yet approachable set of systems. For starters, each Coromon has one of three potentials that determine just how much its stats will grow over time. To help differentiate between the different potentials, each type of Coromon has three different color schemes. Based on their potential, Coromon can gain points that can be distributed to any of their stats outside of the typical improvements upon levelling up. Coromon is going to give players the tools to make a party that is uniquely theirs.

The focus of the Coromon demo build I was shown was a desert pyramid stage, with the objective of finding the slumbering Titan within. The inside of the pyramid is like something out of a Zelda game. Perilous environmental traps block both the way forward and the path to treasure chests. Falling prey to one of these traps isn’t all that punishing, no damage is done to any of your party members, you simply respawn back at the beginning of the current puzzle. I also got a brief glimpse at some abilities tied to a gauntlet worn by the protagonist that impact the environment in a manner very reminiscent of Golden Sun. I wasn’t able to see the entire pyramid stage, but Coromon has clearly made dungeon-crawling a priority.

The demo ended with an impressive boss battle against a massive elemental Titan. The boss had a positively massive HP pool compared to the party Coromon available. There were even multiple phases to the boss fight, where the boss stepped out and let minions have a shot at the player before returning. It was an impressive battle, and there’s clearly a lot of room to invent and execute strategies involving multiple Coromon. But we’ll have to wait until Coromon releases on PC and Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2022 to catch our own Coromon and tackle the Titans for ourselves.

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