Nintendo Mega Bits: July 2021

Hey, wow! It’s time for Nintendo Mega Bits again! Jonny still hasn’t escaped my SAW-esque pain puzzles, so it’s one more month with Will! We’ve got a few major things to talk about this month. The Switch Pro is…totally not real, but we got a new model with a nifty new screen, dock, and…well, I guess that’s it. The words “Metroid Prime 4” are spoken, but primarily to appease Berto. There’s a lot of Animal Crossing talk, like way more than there should be in July of 2021. It’s less about New Horizons than it is about expectations, communication, and the gap in-between. Oh, and there is some lip service paid to the new SNES titles added to Nintendo Switch Online (which took more effort than Nintendo used to select this month’s titles). I think that about does it, if that sounds interesting to you and you’ve got 13-ish minutes to spare, give ‘er a listen! (Please listen)

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