PlayStation Mega Bits: August 2021

Adam’s busy this month, so Will is here to catch you up on the most important PlayStation news of the month. This month: No Man’s Sky turns 5, which brings up some complicated feelings. Ghost of Tsushima gets that sweet PS5 version…for a price. Hades is finally on consoles capable of 4k, and it’s glorious. Rocket League gets buttery smooth at 120 fps, provided you’ve got the goods. I’m sure I talked about more, but I just can’t remember it right now. It is 1:39am, maybe that has something to do with it. The most important thing is that I love PlayStation, and it sure would be righteous if you gave me ten minutes or so of your time to tell you about it.

OH! I almost forgot! They’re releasing Skyrim again, and I’m less than impressed with that. On second thought, maybe I repressed it, rather than forgot…

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