2D Con 2021: Indie Island

This past weekend the Mega Dads had the opportunity to return to our favorite local convention, 2D Con in Minneapolis! In addition to the usual fun of cosplay, arcade cabinets, and local retailers selling their goods, we also had the chance meet with friends and fans of Mega Dads at our booth and at our live show on Saturday evening. In between our mingling though, we took the opportunity to sneak away from the booth to check out a great assortment of video games on display at their Indie Island. An area of the show dedicated to indie games and their developers, many of who are from the area. The Twin Cities has a growing game development scene and this was a great chance to check out some of what that has to offer. There were a lot of games on display, but here are a few which stood out to us.


In this horizontal bullet hell shooter, players choose from five different playable characters, each with their own unique traits. You’ll have two main attacks to alternate between and a powerful, screen clearing special attack which you earn by collecting enough energy dropped by enemies to fill your special meter. The controls were tight and responsive, and the visuals were bright and colorful, making for a fun to play and attractive package. Whether you’re a veteran of the genre or curious to try one for the first time, Astral Gunners is worth checking out.

Astral Gunners Steam Page


Fans of Pokemon may want to keep an eye on this monster hunting role playing game with more terrifying creature designs than your usual Jigglypuff and Charmander. Players will battle and capture 150 unique demons, fusing them together to creature all new monstrosities which you can customize with the skills and attacks that you like. The old school pixel art combined with detailed enemy designs reminded me a bit of the SNES Final Fantasy games, and the crafting and mini games promise to deliver something fans of retro RPGs should be into.

Eternal Exodus Steam Page


How do you make a platforming game without a jump button? That’s the question they’re trying to answer in Johnny Chainsaw. In this quirky game you’ll use momentum and the chainsaws you have for arms (yes, you heard me) to navigate your way through a series of levels filled with deadly traps and persistent enemies. It’s tough to explain without putting your hands on a controller, but it’s a novel take on a platformer and you’ll have to use your puzzle solving skills and quick reflexes to make your way through. The emphasis on narrative also means that it was one of the more unique games I played all weekend.

Johnny Chainsaw Steam Page

OLLIE-OOP (Almost Playable Games)

Everyone loves dogs, right? You know what else everybody loves? Pulling off sick skateboarding tricks. So what if…. you could play as a dog ON a skateboard. Yep. That’s what I said. In Ollie-Oop you will do just that as you play as Ollie, a pooch on a mission to find his missing pal, Reggie. You can put little hats on Ollie, you can play soccer, you can knock over garbage cans like some kind of jerk. I honestly don’t think I need to say anything else about this game, if you’re not convinced by a dog in a top hat doing a kickflip 360 truck stand then I don’t think you even like video games.

Ollie-Oop Steam Page

FITMENT (Glossbird)

We all want to be in better shape, but let’s get real… it’s hard. It’s way easier to binge watch The Queen’s Gambit and eat our own weight in Pizza Rolls. Well the makers of Fitment want to help you by creating a fun way to get you moving just a bit more everyday/ This app gives you microworkouts that will fit into literally anybody’s day and makes it fun with challenges to complete with your friends and a fitbuddy to customize with cool gear. They’re looking for playtesters now so shake off that Cheeto dust and get moving.


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