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It’s September 3rd and as such we are entering the eighth month of Summer Game Bang and to celebrate Sony has announced their glorious return to our Game Bang with The PlayStation Showcase, due to air September 9th. Sony is touting this as a chance to see what is coming up for the PS5 and fans are already hyping themselves up to be disappointed. Naturally this news sent the Mega Dads Discord into a tizzy. Predictions were made, accusations thrown, lives ruined, but what kind of content creating geniuses would we be if we just left all of those predictions hidden behind a totally free to join Discord server? So let’s play… ‘Who will be the most wrong about the PlayStation Showcase showdown?’

Nick – We already know what two of Sony’s biggest studios are working on, Guerilla had almost a whole showcase dedicated to it back in earlier in the Summer and Santa Monica has been forth right with telling us God of War 2 won’t be coming this year. Insomniac just released two full games within 6 months, Sucker Punch just released DLC for one of 2021’s best games. We are way too early to see anything from Naughty Dog I believe. So, what I’m predicting basically is disappointment. There will more than likely be a strong showing of Deathloop and maybe some updates on some small titles that are going to effortlessly be able to release in time for the Holidays. As consoles are still very difficult to get out, we may see additional colors for the Dualshock 5 to keep those of us lucky enough to have a PS5 buying what we can for it. Sony is in need of something to keep the hype for the PS5 alive, my big prediction is something from Sony Bend maybe a return to some well-known yet dormant PlayStation title like Syphon Filter or Socom. Part of me really wants to swing for the fences on this and say Sony will reveal an exclusive from a big publisher like Rockstar since they still owe the world Agent. But truth be told I will only really be disappointed if we don’t get a hint of what Team Asobi is working on.

Berto – What do I expect? A lot of non-answers and disappointment. We know Horizon has a new release date but we’ve already had an entire State of Play dedicated to the title so I don’t foresee anything new, maybe a sizzle reel, but that’s all. God of War has been silent beyond the announcement teaser and the semi-recent “delay” into 2022, but I still don’t think we’re going to get much. My gut tells me that a game with as much MO-CAP is this and other PlayStation tent-pole titles use is being more affected by COVID then Sony and their developers are willing to admit publicly. If God of War is to be Sony’s holiday juggernaut in 2022, this showcase is too early to give us that information. At most I think we’ll get a developer “interview” about the game’s progress. The only other games that I am aware of are Deathloop, Kena, and Final Fantasy XVI. Of these three, the one most deserving of screen time is FF XVI, which is exactly why I don’t think we’re gonna see more. PSVR2 is primed for a new update, and announcements for currently unknown titles would be great, but I don’t think Sony is ready to announce things unless they’re more immanent. We’re seeing a quieter Sony than we’ve seen in years past, and even if this is their “E3”-style blowout, I really don’t anticipate anything mind-blowing… Except Knack 3 and Super Astro Bot 2 as PSVR2 launch titles!

John – As someone who has found little reason to use his PlayStation 5 since purchasing it, I have high expectations for this showcase and I truly think Sony is going to blow us away. It’s been a relatively slow year for releases, and with very little coming through the end of 2021 I think they’ll show tons of games that we’ll be playing in 2022 and beyond. God of War: Ragnarok was originally due to be released this year so I think development is far enough along that we’ll see a good bit of gameplay (or at least in engine footage) from it. I think that’s their big showcase for the event. I think we’ll also see some new announcements from studios with games in the pipeline including Team Asobi and Bend Studio. And as always, PlayStation always manages to strike some impressive 3rd party exclusive deals so look for a couple of big surprises in that regard. I think Sony has fallen a bit behind this gen with regards to keeping their player base satisfied, and I truly believe this showcase will be their first big step towards getting their train back on the tracks.

Adam – There are two obvious picks going into this showcase, God of War: Ragnarok was originally slated for release this year and was only confirmed to be missing it’s release window a couple of months ago, so expect a good healthy showing from Kratos and Atreus’ next adventure. Also Final Fantasy XVI should be primed for a decent showing as well, given that we’ve already seen a trailer for the PS exclusive entry. Also like God of War this was originally touted as a 2021 release (which nobody believed at the time and SURPRISE we were right). Outside of those two easy picks I would expect Sony to pull some of their usual long range teaser tricks. This company is not shy about announcing games which they have no intention of releasing for multiple years so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some CG teasers for projects from Naughty Dog or perhaps the next BluePoint Games project. Finally, I expect that we will see Spider-Man’s arrival for Marvel’s Avengers unveiled with a release date to coincide with the new film Far From Home this holiday.

Will – Sony, I love you, but your messaging has been lightyears behind the competition for at least 2 years. It’s been another long period of radio silence, but it’s hard for me to expect to get my socks knocked off here. We’re gonna see updates on games we already know about, and get a glimpse at 1 or 2 new things, but probably not the things we want to know about the most. I would love to see some stuff for Final Fantasy XVI, but I don’t really expect to. The games Sony’s going to show will look promising and interesting, I’m sure, but the 1st-party studios are having a hard time getting their titles out on time. There are good reasons for that, but it’s certainly left the PS5 in something of a drought. Expect a focus on indies and 3rd-party titles for this year with little more than a tease for anything larger. We’re not getting dates for God of War 2 or Final Fantasy XVI.

So how do you think we did on our predictions? Have any of your own? Join in on Discord and call us out personally…

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