Nintendo Mega Bits: October 2021

Hoo boy…it has been one hell of a month since the last Nintendo Mega Bits! There is just SO much news that I can’t even begin to cover it all here in a timely fashion. …so I’m just gonna cherry pick my favorite bits for you! The September Nintendo Direct had a ton of news and updates, and the Animal Crossing Direct contained, somehow, even more new features than anyone dared to imagine. Sora is somehow in Kingdom Hearts, the Mario Movie has a cast, and even more stories are going to be briefly addressed in-between morsels about Kirby’s upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure and some new Monster Hunter Rise news. Oh, and have you noticed that Nintendo seems to be figuring out this supply and demand business? As always, I take the time to end the show with listener questions about Nintendo and my own opinions on the gaming trends of the month. I hope you enjoy listening, I sure enjoyed making it for you!

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