Bonus Level #8: Don’t Tell Mom

On this weeks ALL NEW Bonus Level, Jonny Casino asks us which movies or video games we had to hide from our parents when we were kids. Hmmmmm.   If you’d like to submit a topic for a future episode, please email us at!

Mega Dads: Bonus Level #3

In an ALL NEW Mega Dads: Bonus Level, we pit 3 of the most awesome podcasts against each other in an epic Hell in a Cell wrestling match! It’s Mega Dads vs. Nintendo Dads vs. If We Ran Nintendo in a bout that will go down in history!!  

Mega Dads: Bonus Level #2

In the 2nd episode of our new bi-weekly video series, we taste test a Canadian treat sent to us by our good friend Justin Masson from the Nintendo Dads podcast! You wanted to spend your day watching a video of two idiots eating a candy bar, right? And please don’t forget to send us your…