Art Commissions


Do you enjoy our monthly comic strip Mega Dads 2d? Are you a fan of the bi-weekly speed paintings? Are you just really into cool art? Well good news: Adam is now accepting illustration commissions right here at Mega Dads!

You can now get personalized illustrations of characters from your favorite games, shows, movies or boy-bands from Mega Dads in-house artist, Adam Leonhardt. All you need is an idea and a PayPal account!


Here’s the Breakdown for what you get for your money:

$25 = BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATION: This will get you a Black and White, High Resolution JPEG of your requested character. No simple, bust or head shots here. Adam will draw your character head to toe for you to make slap on your desktop wallpaper, or print out to hang in your room. What you do with it is your business!

$50 = FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATION: This package not only gets you the Full Color, High Resolution JPEG, but also the native .PSD file of your art, complete with layer stack. You’ll see a complete breakdown of your digital illustration from line-art to shading, to eye-popping colors. Everything will be labeled and spelled out for you to dissect and analyze in Photoshop! Sweet, huh?

To contact Adam to make your commission, simply email us here at and title your email “COMMISSION”. Make your request in the body of the email and Adam will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm your request.

Check out the gallery below to see some of Adam’s work. We look forward to hearing from you soon and making sweet, sweet art together.


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