Mega Dads: Stream Team

Christ Berto has taken the wheel at to launch our official Stream Team platform. He has migrated his previous streaming community (The Bone Squad) over to the Mega Dads ecosystem and he’s ready to rock. On Berto’s Stream Team you can expect unconventional gaming sessions, disgruntled dad rants, and a healthy dose of F bombs. We may come to regret this, but Berto is the only one on the team who knows what he’s doing with a stream community… so here we go.

Skinny Matt’s Community Game Night

Matt Knight hosts Mega Dads Community Game Nights the first Sunday of every month and is an honorary member of the Backlog Busters. He is a geologist turned insurance inspector turned county weights and measures inspector. He lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and 3 kids. When his kids finally go to sleep, he plays games and sometimes even streams. He spends the rest of his time trying to convince his wife they need more video games.

If you’re looking to game with the community Matt can be found setting sail in Sea of Thieves or running from the storm in Fortnite. Community game night is a fun event that Matt has been organizing and we’d love you to come join in the fun at!

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