Mega Dads Live: When 2 D’s Collide

This week we have our LIVE show fresh from our appearance at 2D Con! Be advised, you may here laughter and/or applause during this show from the audience. We were scared too but apparently that’s what people do when they enjoy stuff. Weird…

Mega Dads: Behind the Stupidity – Live From GlitchCon 2017

We’re incredibly honored and excited to announce that we’ve been asked to record a special LIVE episode of Mega Dads Live at GlitchCon 2017 on Saturday May 6th in Minneapolis. If you don’t know, GlitchCon is 3 full days packed with panels, exhibits, and games. We’re still in the process of putting together the show,…

2D Con 2016

We were recently invited to be guests at 2D Con in Bloomington, MN. It was a fantastic event and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!

2D Con: United We Play

We recently spoke with Joseph Opsahl, the President and Founder of This is Geek and 2D Con about how the history behind the convention and what to expect from this year’s show.