The Dadcade X Mega Dads E3 Special

We’ll be teaming up with Scott and Nick from The Dadcade and recording a special edition of Mega Dads Live this week covering the best (and worst) of E3 2016! We’re excited to finally be partnering up with our friendly rivals for this hour-long special. It’s going to be Dad-tastic, Dad-ddictive and Dad-gasmic! … wait……

Mega Dads Live #26: E3s and Allergies

This month on Mega Dads Live John battles through a wall of phlegm to talk about Pocket Card Jockey, we also break down our spoiler-free thoughts of Uncharted 4. With E3 next month we give our predictions as to what we think the show will hold for the us (hint: No NX unveiling…). We share what the community has in it’s backlog, and we’re also giving away a FREE copy of UNCHARTED 4 DELUXE EDITION in our Mega Dads Trivia segment. YOU COULD WIN!

How to Save E3

More and more publishers are pulling out of attending the annual E3 Expo. Is there a way to re-ignite interest in this legendary trade show?