Mega Dads Live #47: A Couple of Bad Eggs

This month on Mega Dads Live the boys discuss all the fun they had playing pirates in Sea of Thieves, we try to explain just what the hell Nintendo Labo is, and we gush about the brilliance of XBOX Game Pass.

We also re-introduce Mega Dads Trivia, welcome Josh Stapleton as our Producer Pop-In, and even have a little 3 year old bust in to the show once or twice.

Mega Dads Live #44: The Conglomerate of Mayonnaise

This month we’re talking about our impressions of Super Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, the news coming out of Paris Games Week and we also discuss XBOX’s Backwards Compatibility efforts.

We’re also introducing a new segment called ‘One Moore Minute’ featuring Dave Moore of and our Producer Pop-In is none other than Luke #1, Luke Lohr!

Speed Gaming

A lot of gamers my age find themselves with less and less time to dedicate to their digital pastime. These days I spend more time playing with Elmo and Cookie Monster than I do Mario and Luigi. It’s with that in mind that I turn my attention to some games that cater to the by-the-minute…

Network Error

 BY: ADAM          PLAYING: LOST CONSTELLATION Over the Christmas holiday, Internet pricks were able to disable both XBOX Live and Playstation Network services, effectively disabling all online gaming for a period of days for gamers. Those of us with Playstation are still reporting service interruptions on our systems. Over the course of…

Extra Life Gameplay Schedule

We are one week out from Extra Life 2014. Here we present our gameplay schedule for those of you who wish to watch us during the 24 hour marathon. Everything is subject to change. But this is a good outline of what you’ll see next Saturday. On a side note. We currently stand at 66%…