Mega Dads 2D 13-1: The Ruse

On this week’s installment of MD2D the guys explain to Alex just how they plan to get into E3. Big shout out to Alex Martin for winning our MD2D contest and getting his likeness drawn into this week’s comic strip!

Mega Dads Live #30: OREOs on Demand

On this month’s episode of MDL we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the SNES, argue about the validity of Telltale Game’s formula, make fun of Konami some more, and dive deep into our gushing love of No Man’s Sky.

For trivia this month we are giving away a digital copy of both Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 for the PS3. So don’t forget to chime in for your chance to win!

Plus we talk the blessing and curse of having OREOs delivered straight to our faces. Thanks, Amazon.

Mega Dads on Patreon

We’re proud to announce Mega Dads on Patreon! With this new crowd funding effort we hope to be able to expand the content that we produce here at Mega Dads with the help of our fans. By joining Patreon we can set goals for the Mega Dads brand that we otherwise would not be able…

It Was a Very Good Year

As 2015 winds down I sit here reflecting on the year and all that it brought. I think when New Years rolls around everyone has that moment of assessing the year that came before and pledging to make the next year even better. They reflect on the lessons learned and make some resolutions all in…