The Curse of the Technolust

People are on the hunt again this week for the latest and greatest piece of technology. But why?


Mega Dads Live Mini: E3 Part Two

It’s episode two of our special series coming to you from Los Angeles for E3 2017! On this episode we discuss Sony and Nintendo’s showcases, our time on the show floor, and we giggle like children because we’re so damn tired.

Sometimes Less is More

 By: Adam Playing: Destiny Beta (PS4) Watching: Ed Listening to: Wilco Video games as an entertainment medium have a means of storytelling that is untouched. They allow us as players to be the hand that guides the story. In some cases, we become more than just a catalyst for progression. Games allow us to guide…

We, the Gamers

By: Adam Watching: Breaking Bad          Playing: Mario Kart 8   E3 is wrapping up and all the excitement of new reveals and demos is beginning to fade. But as all the hype dies down and we prepare for the industry buzz to go back into hibernation I wanted to point out the…

Dis-Kinected: How Xbox One Lost its Identity

 By: John Playing: Mario Kart 8    Watching: Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver   As E3 approaches next week i’ve been thinking back to last years epic news conference smackdown and what has happened in the 12 months since. One year ago we had gotten a glimpse of the Xbox One and what Microsofts vision of that…