Celebrating a Decade of Rock Band

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rock Band with a look back at how much the series has meant to us.


The Perfect Song

The perfect song choice can take a great video game scene and make it unforgettable. We look back at some of our favorite soundtracks and songs in gaming.

Do a Barrel Roll: Gamers Who Rock

As gamers, we are inspired by the artistry created in the games that we play. Video game music specifically seems to stir something deep inside of us. The music in our games emphasize our heroic actions, our moments of drama and the heart-pumping thrill of victory. Like any great piece of music, we find ourselves…

B-Squad: Behind The Music

 By: John Playing: Pikmin 3     Watching: 24 Live Another Day  In the fall of 2013 the next generation of video games began. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One ushered in an exciting new age of gaming with amazing new possibilities. And soon enough we’ll be unhooking our old systems to make way on our entertainment centers for…